The PF economic policies that have hurt Zambia

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  1. Chipantepante – this involved the PF policy inconsistencies which exacerbated the kwacha depreciation and caused sharp inflation rise and this is behind the current high cost of living today.


  1. Fyalai solva kuntanshi – PF’s lack of foresight is the reason why they don’t know how they will pay back the eurobonds. Its is why they are investing in an airline without any certainty of the demand they will have. They are so gullible they think Ethiopian airline will freely give them their customers in a highly competitive market. All this at the expense of education and health. This confirms why they have no vision.


  1. Sontapo – The expansionary policy in infrastructure was not based on value for money or a well projected return by feasibility studies, but was influenced by corruption and side deals with the Chinese. That’s why PF is broke today. Even investing millions in a low traffic Ndola airport is questionable, as it difficult to see how quickly that airport will payback given the few number of people passing through it. PF need to start seeing the development from the human side i.e. quality of life of their citizen, not a US$300 million structure that will only be used by a few people in a day.


  1. Sela tubombeko – PF are notorious for not consulting stakeholders or even there own technocrats. If Kampyogo says US$42million then US$42m it is. If Chitotela, a consistent corruption suspect, says US$ 1.2billion then 1.2billion it is. Right now they are about to implement a health bill which in normal circumstances requires at least 2 years of broad consultations. If you ask doctors, nurse, pharmacists, health providers, insurance providers they are a ignorant about the modalities, that how arrogant this government is. The only reason for the rush is the money they plan to collect. They are not even clear on the basics like what kind of health cover people will have and the ability of our health facilities to meet that cover.


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  1. All true. Future generations will pay a steep price for those 5 areas of PF stupidity.

    May 1, 2018 at 7:10 pm

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