The importance of education in Diplomatic service

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Chinese Ambassador

By Hjoe Moono

Did you know?

That the outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Zambia is a graduate of Harvard University?

Yes, Harvard University!

That should tell you something – The Chinese are not here to play!


The British, during the drive for colonialism sent to Africa mostly graduates from Oxford and Cambridge universities – their best brains left England to establish new territories, and indeed, they conquered the world.

Just here in Zambia, prior to independence, British Diplomats – Governors of Northern Rhodesia – with their education included:

1. Sir Evelyn Hone [Last Governor] – Oxford University

2. Sir Herbert Stanely [First Governor] – Oxford University

3. Sir Ronald Stores – Cambridge University

4. Sir Arthur Benson – Oxford University

5. John Cecil Rhodes, The “Founder” – Oxford University

It should therefore be obvious why the British were very successful at building a world empire even when they had a small population compared to the lands they conquered – education is the most extreme weapon, especially in diplomacy.

It seems that China is now following in these lines too. Think about it, China sends its best graduate from Harvard University to be ambassador to a poor developing country called Zambia. Do you think they are after luxuries of diplomatic jobs? No, they are building am empire. And to build an empire you don’t send an army, you send thinkers!

It is time Zambia and other African countries realise that the best resource it has to develop are not necessarily the minerals nor the Mukula trees, but it is it’s human resources which it must make the most use of.

If the British could send their best to Africa in 1920, what quality are we sending to Britain and the rest of the world in 2018?

Farewell Mr. Yang


3 Responses to The importance of education in Diplomatic service

  1. Hjoe Moono: Correct observation. We send diplomats who only talk about the past. Our diplomacy is not about our continent and its people. Look at the tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea where Africans are drowning. Have you ever seen an African diplomat from countries affected visiting those people stranded at Lampedusa? But I bet you Nigeria, Ghana, Mali and Corte d’Viore have embassies in Italy. And yet we want UN reforms and a Security Council seat. Here are issues we can be seen to be doing something even without Security Council seats and we do nothing.Do you need a UN Security Council seat to speak for poor treatment of Indians of African descent, African Americans and Afro-Brazilians ans in much of Latin America and Mexico? What is African diplomacy for? Got Robert Rotberg’s book on the founder and many more.

    April 11, 2018 at 6:21 am

  2. We are asking the developed countries for AID,i believe the best AID is to take our brilliant children to universities abroad.Ba Luo,think outside the box.This time we were supposed to have over a million Zambian children in Chinese,USA,UK,Germany etc universities!
    Those chlolera inspections are not enough,we need to send deserving students abroad to top universities.

    April 11, 2018 at 12:11 pm


    April 12, 2018 at 8:55 am

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