Ten free tips of how FAZ can fill up Heroes and Levy stadiums during club games

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Levy Mwanawasa Stadium

Heroes Stadium

It should pain every well-meaning Zambia to see how our stadiums are turning into white elephants. The empty seats are an indication of losses being made by stadium management and loss of revenue on the part of clubs/FAZ. FAZ and stadium management should consider venturing into the following.

1. Make each match ticket also a lottery ticket, so that a draw for a winning ticket can be done at half time or at the end of the match. Giving chance to fans to win some money or other prizes will be a great incentive to make them buy tickets.

2. Introduce some pre-match or half time entertainment with crowd pulling musicians, comedians, dancers and acrobats. Remember not everyone in the stadium is a pure breed soccer fan.

3. Partners with other sports associations to have combined events e.g. a boxing bout after the match, a track race before the match, etc.

4. Introduce an alcohol section e.g. the eastern wing, with duty free beer on sale.

5. Introduce season ticket sales so you can have some money upfront.

6. Introduce free bus rides from the stadium to town for ticket holders only.

7. Introduce loyalty rewards for frequent ticketholders e.g. free entry after buying ten match tickets.

8. Start selling tickets for international matches two weeks to a month before the match day.

9. Introduce free wi-fi within the stadium during the match.

10. Partner with health institution in provide free simple medical check-up for ticket holders.

If the fans still fail to turn up, then introduce mandatory HIV testing for those who don’t watch club football.

Richard Waga


2 Responses to Ten free tips of how FAZ can fill up Heroes and Levy stadiums during club games

  1. Kudala we used to have th Zambia Army brass band marching and doing all sorts of their marching tricks..it was vry entertaining indeed..

    DC 10..
    September 10, 2017 at 11:29 pm

  2. Have a football match between ruling party mps and opposition. Chishimba Kambwili as referee Dora silliya and silvia masebo as lines ‘men’

    September 11, 2017 at 6:24 am

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