Stay away from politics, Fan tells JK

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Jordan Katembula (JK) As I Was Growing Up It Was All About JK, Where I would Even Wish To Be Like You Some Day, My Motivation My Everything.

Looking At What You Went Through Your Struggle And All The Hustle You Been Through To Be Who You Are Today, I know Your Past Was A Mess Better Still You Made It Though Upon Time You Were Down But Now You Cool,They Used To Call You loser Buh You Won All Zambian’s Hearts With Your Talent Salute To That And To The Almighty.
I Am A Young Fellow Who Gets Motivated By People Who Have Been Through Pain And Sorrow Buh Made It Anyways Despite Where They Come From.

To Cut My Cry Short, Yeah! My Cry Not My Concern. Stay Away From Politics And Give Us The Sweet Music That We’ve Known You For,You Took Our Hearts With Your Sweet Meaningful Music And We Had No Option But Be Your Fans


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