South Africa demos: Boma si boma

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By Maurice Makulu

Are you not admiring in South Africa, a country we gave birth to, people freely expressing displeasure with the president and assembling and demonstrating freely?

Have you heard the ANC screaming bloodshed, anarchy, lawlessness, elections are over, not election time, etc.

Or have you heard them say… Zuma is president elected by majority south africans; if you are bitter go to hell.

Democracy is about people participation in governance… and governance is more than just elections.

Elections are just the beginning… and rule of law (law enforcement and judiciary), economy (trade, jobs, business, investment, food security), defence and security, education and health, etc… are the day to day governance.

Democracy is people participation in these everyday. That’s what civic engagement means.

When we encourage citizens to go to sleep until election time, we kill democracy with our bear hands.

In a democracy, boma si boma, ni bantu.

Boma ni bantu; that’s democracy.

Let’s build ourselves a democracy we will all be proud of. Our children (South Africa and others we liberated) look up to us.

Say to yourself in your heart: Boma si boma, ni bantu. Boma ndi ne!

Then go ahead and walk tall in your own country, proud and free.

Free enough to even tell your president, “You are misbehaving; I don’t tolerate that in MY country.”


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  1. Boma ni bantu, boma ndine.

    Divide & Rule
    April 12, 2017 at 9:07 pm

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