Sesheke cooperatives strategise on broadening membership base

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The cooperative movement in Sesheke District is devising measures aimed at broadening its membership base, reports Cheelo Muloongo. 

Speaking during a special District Cooperative Union Meeting held recently where Chairpersons of all Primary Cooperatives in the District were in attendance, Sesheke District Cooperatives Development Officer, Habeenzu Simamba said that the current low membership base which stands at about 20 fully paid up members per cooperative is a great hindrance towards the entrepreneurial take off of the cooperative movement in the district.

Simamba said the cooperative movement in the district would only venture into profitable and sustainable businesses if there is a huge membership base.

“Having more members would enable the cooperative movement finance large scale business ventures that have a good return on investment. A high membership base, would easily help the cooperative movement meet its projected investment cost from an affordable price per share that each member would be required to contribute,” he said.

Simamba added: “as a way of broadening the current membership base, it will be imperative to recruit the many community members that are not affiliated to any cooperative society. As leaders of cooperatives, you need to attract new members by improving on some deficiencies that stop them from joining of your societies.”

On the Zambia Cooperative Federation’s suggested merger of cooperatives in the district with regards the broadening of the membership base, the meeting unanimously welcomed the idea.

It waswas however resolved that a parallel, new and more inclusive cooperative society (Sesheke Credit Union) be established in the district. The credit union would be headquartered at district level with a protracted huge membership base coming from members of already existing cooperatives and community members that do not belong to any society across the district.

Simamba said this will entail that existing cooperatives continue to operate on their own as they are conduits for important activities such as the Farmer Input support programme among others in various camps of the district.

“Once resources are put in place, a team will be constituted to go round in all camps of the district to sensitise communities on the importance of them joining the Credit Union. When operational, the Credit Union will help to rekindle the entrepreneurial passion of the cooperative movement in the district,” he stated.



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