Remove PF billboards – UPND

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The UPND in Southern Province have demanded that the local authorities remove all political billboards  for the Patriotic Front in market places within Livingstone and other districts in the Province or they will erect theirs.
The opposition party’s provincial Spokesperson  Neto Halwabala said his party has noticed that the Zambia police and the council are not taking action against the PF who are breaking the law with impunity.
He said the law is clear but that the PF has continued to have their bill boards in markets.
“The law is clear there shall not be political billboards displayed or erected after the campaign period but we have continued seeing the PF billboards in markets places including some PF party members driving branded vehicles after last general elections one year and some months down the line.
“As UPND in Southern Province we want to see sanity in the province,” he said.

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