Invitation to tender for “Establishment of Pilot Tractor Technology Demonstration-Training Unit (DTU) to implement tractor-based road maintenance approaches in Zambia”

The Research for Community Access Partnership (ReCAP) is a six-year programme of applied research and knowledge dissemination funded by a grant from the UK Government through the Department for International Development (DFID). The overall aim is to promote safe and sustainable rural access in Africa and Asia through research and knowledge sharing between participating countries and the wider community.

All-season road-based transport is a vital enabler for rural development, social and economic activities and community wellbeing, particularly for vulnerable groups. Currently, the majority of the rural road network in Zambia is unpaved (earth and gravel standard) and as such, require regular maintenance input to retain acceptable levels of access. However, the unpaved road network maintenance recieves substantially less funding in the Sub-Saharan Africa region and Zambia is no exception. There is a clear demand, therefore, for innovative, cost-saving approaches to maintenance activities. Currently, routine maintenance of unsealed roads based around the use of imported motorised graders, which are expensive to buy and operate in the prevailing high-finance-cost environment. They are also over-powered for the routine maintenance task.

Within appropriate road environments, agricultural tractor-based technology is a proven lower-cost alternative to the use of high-cost specialist graders for low volume unsealed road maintenance. There is no established unit in Zambia to demonstrate and train users in this more affordable and more sustainable tractor-based technology. A scoping study was undertaken in 2016, which was aimed at investigating the location, institutional and management arrangements, organisational requirements and costs of setting up a Tractor Technology demonstration-training unit (DTU) for rural roads in Zambia. The stakeholders have since endorsed the recommendations for establishment of the DTU, which this project aims to deliver.

ReCAP, managed by Cardno Emerging Markets (UK) Ltd, is seeking proposals from suitably qualified organisations to implement a project entitled: Establishment of Pilot Tractor Technology Demonstration-Training Unit (DTU) to implement tractor-based road maintenance approaches in Zambia.

The purpose of this project is to implement the recommendations of the scoping study through a phased approach, focussing on establishment of the unit and conducting DTU activities in a selected district, as a pilot project.

Interested tenderers are advised that the indicative budget available for this contract is a total of GBP 170,000.
This tender process is open to any organisation that meets the criteria detailed in the tender documentation. There are no restrictions with regards to nationality or country of registration.

Interested organisations can request the full tender documents by sending an e-mail to [email protected] with copy to [email protected], stating the project reference No.ZAM2059B in the subject line.  

All submissions of proposals must be received no later than 27th February 2017, 17:00 UK time.  

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