Raila Odinga’s self-imposed presidency in Kenya an eye opener for Zambians

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By Prince Ndoyi

We want to thank the overwhelming support we have gotten from institutions and individuals that have welcomed our noble call to limit the number of times one appears on the presidential ballot. These include LAZ, NGOCC, YALI among other stakeholders.

We also appreciate the insights and actionable efforts by the Chifubu Member of Parliament Dr Frank Ngambi. Especially for the selfless initiative to commit in moving the said motion after our petition to Parliament in the next session of Parliament which opens on 20th February. We call upon more parliamentarians to support this milestone constitutional provision. Great thanks to those few isolated voices like Edwin Lifwekelo and those from parliament and some opposition figures. We must unite all these voices, organise them and move with everyone.

Would like to express disappointment in those that see this with their partisan blindfolds. UPND deputy SG Patrick Mucheleka has been on radio ignorantly speculating that this law targets Hakainde Hichilema, and vows to use their numbers in Parliament to shoot it down. Sadly he has opted for a very simplistic approach to analysing the current political imbroglio in Zambia’s democracy. This is laughable.

Mucheleka will tell a lie and repeat it so many times and so loudly and dramatically hoping that in time, it will resemble the truth. It is because of people like Mucheleka that we fail to unite behind national issues like this one.

Zambians who love peace and security must see the dangers of having perpetual losing presidential candidates over contesting elections as lessons are glaring to see in the Kenyan Saga through Raila Odinga who after losing too many times unconstitutionally swore himself as president. Do we honestly think Raila at his age and with his numerous election losses and political track record could just accept a loss and move on?

This superficial interpretation of the Zambian  political narrative by the UPND is what has even led Kenya into this crisis. It is common knowledge that losing is very painful not only to the party, but more severely to the individual Presidential candidate. And it would be unfair for any party to continue subjecting its leader to this humiliation election after election, it is inhuman. That is why in Africa electoral losses  by the opposition are characterised by claims of illegality and irregularity and dramatic episodes. Because our laws in a traditional fashion, have neglected the possibilities of a dishonourable abuse of democratic rights and privileges.  As a sensible society in the interest of protecting democratic rights and liberties we must ensure to preserve peace because without which the same rights are not guaranteed their full enjoyment.

For us we saw it coming and the situation in Kenya has vindicated us. The onus is upon us Zambians. We have watched a handful of MPs running to the press and expressing their differing opinion and so have many people in isolation talked about it.

Kenya has lost a lot of lives due to political disputes and as a country we must learn to prevent any bloodshed of innocent people in our country either by limiting the number of times an individual can attempt the presidency not just for the Republican President. Instead we espouse for peace and prosperity.

We know politicians that when their personal interests are threatened and what they do to protect themselves from being brought to account – they rush to courts and sing the democratic hymn. But we want to make an honest appeal to the conscious of our Parliament to interrogate this proposal premised on the interests of peace and creating political space for youths and women within our political folds as opposed to a perpetual hold on to power by the same individuals in perpetuity.

We find leaders who don’t support this as being simply selfish and more interested in only what is important to themselves. To feel in charge.To feel the honor of the names and references, the reverence associated with POWER.

Raila Odinga’s self-imposed presidency in Kenya should concern all of us that believe in global peace. There is no legality, justification or common sense for such conduct other than an attempt to fuel confusion and anarchy in Kenya because of his perpetual losses. And its for Zambians to draw lessons while there is still time to do so.

Finally, underestimating the need to regulate politicians in Zambia has far reaching consequences on the lives of many men, women and children who value peace over selfish leaders whose only interest is to fulfil their political ambitions at whatever cost. Zambia is indirectly creating anarchists, one election at a time.

Prince Ndoyi
MMD Youth


3 Responses to Raila Odinga’s self-imposed presidency in Kenya an eye opener for Zambians

  1. ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND says Sejani. Mr. ndoyi you are spot on. This motion must be supported by all well meaning Zambians and it is timely, prevention is better than cure.We don’t want our leaders after losing so many times to encroach on the peace that we have enjoyed for so many years. Peace for every Zambian must be above the individual egos. When HH loses in 2021(WHICH IS MOST LIKELY AGAIN)what will stop him from behaving like odinga and bring anarchy in the country? ALREADY he is a bitter man and power hungry after losing TWICE in a space of one year to a new comer, ECL.HH must be stopped at all costs to stand for presidency, he is a very big threat to the national peace and security in the country. Therefore, this law is needed to prevent selfish leaders like HH and others whose only agenda is to bring confusion in the country as long as they are not in the state house. ONE ZAMBIA ONE PEOPLE

    saimbwende saimbwende
    February 3, 2018 at 5:03 pm

  2. dull Ndoyi. What do you say about George Wear of Liberia? HH is there to protect further looting. To you the looting we see is normal way of governance.

    janza kumbele
    February 3, 2018 at 7:04 pm

  3. Foolish Ndoshi, u talk like u r so dull, the election in Kenya was nullified by the Supreme Court meaning that Raila did not lose that election but unfairly declared loser. U must such a fool even yo mother shud be crying to see u write such shit. Africa is still far to entirely embracing democratic tendencies and therefore certain conditions like what u r suggesting shud be left for the pipo to decide thru a ballot and not the useless parliament we currently have. Stop talking from yo belly and show us some level of maturity principles. Remember that u won’t be on this earth forever and therefore try to leave a gud mark on the ground like Martin Luther king Jr did, apply some level of selflessness not every time u want to look at someone paying yo useless mouth.

    February 5, 2018 at 2:05 pm

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