Private hospitals exploiting patients – Mujajati

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Health Professionals’ Council of Zambia registrar Dr Aaron Mujajati has accused private health care providers of abusing their clients.

Dr Mujajati observed that when patients seek private health care, the providers prescribe medicines and tests that are unnecessary in order to maximise their profits.

According to a statement issued by Zamiba’s first secretary for press in South Africa Naomi Nyawali today, Dr Mujajati was speaking at the Zambia High Commission in Pretoria, South Africa when he paid a courtesy call on Zambia’s High Commissioner to that country Emmanuel Mwamba with his delegation ahead of the health orientation program with the Health Council of South Africa.

Dr Mujajati has since called for the introduction of minimum standardised pricing of health care services.

“Council Registrar and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Aaron Mujajati says lack of standardised pricing for health care, provision of medicines has contributed to exploitation of patients by some health practitioners. He said when patients seek private health care, they were prescribed with a lot of medicines and other medical tests which were not necessary but designed to extort money from patients at exorbitant prices,” Nyawali stated.

“Dr Mujajati said in collaboration with government, HPCZ would ensure that minimum pricing and practice standard were put in place in order to promote fairness and efficiency in health care management. Dr Mujajati observed that the rationalisation of pricing will promote world class investment in the health sector in many parts of the country.”

And Ambassador Mwamba said the newly introduced health policy would help many Zambians access high quality health services locally.

“Mr Mwamba said the health insurance policy was already attracting private sector investments interest to the country from South Africa. He disclosed that a number of insurance companies have approached the High Commission on the possibilities of investing in the health insurance sector in Zambia. He added that Zambia’s suitable policy environment coupled with her geographical location was ideal to attract setting up of first class health facilities that would effectively service the SADC region,” Nyawali said.


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