Poor health services at Kalumbila Sentinel Mine Clinic, Merybegg

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Dear Editor,

May I take this opportunity to expose Merybegg Clinic which is owned by the daughter of Philip Pascal the chairman and CEO of Kalumbila Sentinel Mine in Kalumbila District of Northwestern Province for the poor health workmanship of their unqualified doctors from Congo and Zambia, unregistered male and female nurses. This clinic only caters for miners and it only allows three dependents on the clinic scheme. They have poor treatment services, the miners are being over charged every month, K380.00 to attain medical services. The company which is owned by Kalumbila Sentinel Mine doesn’t contribute any amount or share the cost of medical services. Sometimes wrong medication is even given because of these expatriate unqualified doctors and nurses. The PF government has even allowed paramedics, nurses and doctors from Indonesia, Congo and Botswana to work in Zambia at this Kalumbila Merybegg Hospital. Where are our own Zambian doctors, nurses and paramedics going to work? I know the president is in a few weeks visiting Kalumbila not to review these issues of racism, corruption and mistreatment of Zambian people by these so called investors but to get his share from Philip Pascal.

My request to the Minister of Health Dr Chilufya is kindly visit this clinic and inspect the medicine this clinic has in stock, the standard and qualification of the doctors and nurses this clinic has, I say so because they fail to diagnose malaria at this clinic but when you go to the government owned hospital you are found with malaria. Kalumbila Sentinel Mine management has directed all the doctors not to give sick off day to its workers regardless of any sickness. This is endangering the life and health of the people. The medicine which they give always will have one or two months to the expiry date. Why do they give such medicine? the PF government should step up and work for what they promised. There are poor health services at this clinic. I lay my case.



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  1. That is Zambia for you where foreigners are glorified and worshipped.

    May 16, 2018 at 1:45 am

  2. Tell chilufya, to come and see, may he wouldn’t come that quick because, there is no millions to steal there. If it was purchasing something, he would come.

    James Mpundu
    May 19, 2018 at 10:42 pm

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