Politics should not be used as escape from Justice – Sakala

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Edwin Sakala

Edwin Sakala

Edwin Sakala has charged that politics should not be used as escape route from justice by those who done wrongs against the Zambian people.

Sakala heads an opposition political party called ZDDM inclined to the ruling party – Patriotic Front.

Read full statement below:

Zambia is moving backwards instead of forward because of dirty politics where very educated and knowledgeable citizens want to gain political mirage even on very open facts that the dollar has gone done because of the copper prices which have fallen on the world metal market and that the country is load shedding on electricity because of the low water levels at Kariba caused by the poor rain fall as a result of climate change.

It is not only cynical but a crime against humanity for any politicians to try and capitalize on a lie that they can influence the price of cooper for the dollar to regain its power again or for them to claim that load shedding would end overnight as if they don’t understand that climate change is a global problem.

As Zambia Direct Democracy Movement –ZDDM we have sadly observed that Zambia is having poor and retrogressive politics because most of the people in the forefront of desperately fighting for political power and using propaganda to create confusion and division in Zambia are those who have a record of allegations of having committed serious economic crimes against this nation .

We are further concern that these people seem to have established a very wide network in the system including the courts of the law which is protecting them from facing justice.

As ZDDM we fear for the future of our country for as long as politics is dominated and influence by some Zambians who are yet to be cleared by the wheels of justice which are also now suspect .It is against this background that we call for

1. The immediate release of the Zambia Privatization Agency report to enable the ordinary Zambian know the Committee which played a key role in the privatization of the companies which were owned by government.

· A .The composition of the Committee including the Zambian who chaired these meetings and at how much these national assets were sold at.

· We demand for this information to be made public because nearly all the companies were sold at a giveaway price e.g. Dairy Produce Board -DPB and Zambia Breweries had just installed new machinery which were stripped and exported soon after the sale.

· b. We would also like the public to know what happened to the money which was supposed to be paid to the workers who were retrenched in the process because many of them have since died without receiving their terminal benefits. Those still alive are subjected to the torture of attending endless court hearing which have gone on for more than 20 years in some cases.


For the layman it appears as if there is a deliberate and well planned legal game going on to delay the cases involving the members of the Cartel .

Zambians want these cases concluded yesterday but it would seem there are people within the chain of justice deliberately delaying these cases using the same law.

The President must appoint an independent committee to explain these delays.

3. As ZDDM we also join those calling for the dissolution of the ANT-CORRUPTION COMMISSION as it is not serving a purpose by failing to investigate real issues such as the Transfigura oil deal and the awarding of book publishing contracts to foreign companies when the local publishers can do the job.

It is our belief as ZDDM that the people who have committed serious offenses against the people of Zambia are now desperately trying to get into power in order to ensure that nobody can bring them to book for their wrongs .

It is the same people fighting President Edgar Changwa Lungu the most because they know that he is a leader who will not compromise national interest.

Our fear as ZDDM is that these alleged economic criminal have penetrated the system and using some people to frustrate government effort. A good example is the Zambia Police traffic officers harassing motorists.

For the ordinary person it may appear as if these Traffic Officers are only after making money for their pockets when in fact working to tarnish the image of the government.

The same goes for other civil servants providing very poor service just for the sake of undermining government efforts hence this appeal that the government must act to cage these wrong doers trying to use their ill-gotten money to mislead innocent Zambians.

Zambians are a peace loving people who should not be misled into destroying their own country by selfish individuals with ill motives.

Edwin Sakala

ZDDM President


4 Responses to Politics should not be used as escape from Justice – Sakala

  1. Some people like to waste their time. Who is Richard Sakala in Zambian politics? His rantings does not influence anything. His party is an extension of the PF and therefore should not waste our time.

    December 1, 2015 at 4:55 pm

  2. Edwin sakala is employed as a cadre for mumbi phiri…..you form a party inorder to work for another party….oh dear what hunger can do to nice people…

    December 1, 2015 at 5:22 pm

  3. such an old man but very very very dull..shameful to have such as an opposition leader..he’s a pf cadre..get lost Sakala..

    December 2, 2015 at 10:10 am

  4. This man is FANTASTICALLY insane. He is worse than V boot in a Nigerian Movie. He is actually mad. No miracle con work on him. He is a write off. He is not a comedian. He is simply a lunatic.

    December 2, 2015 at 10:14 am

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