Political parties agree on dialogue road map

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The differences among political parties regarding the leadership of the dialogue process have been ironed out as the political parties have unanimously agreed that the Church Mother Bodies should chair the dialogue process while ZCID remains at the centre of the process as facilitators.
 Below is the statement as issued by ZCID Board Chairperson at the conclusion of a two day meeting for National Secretaries and General Secretaries held at Karina Inn in Siavonga.
We the under signed National Secretaries and Secretary Generals representing various political parties and the people of Zambia confirm our commitment to the National Dialogue Process. We have fully deliberated on the matters associated with the national dialogue and have come to the following common agreement:

1. We agree that the process shall be facilitated by ZCID and chaired by Church Mother Bodies;

2. We agree that the broad thematic areas to be considered at the Summit of Presidents shall include the following:
• Constitutional and Institutional Reforms
• Separation of Powers and Judicial Independence
• Tolerance, Freedom of Assembly and Civility in Politics
• Electoral Reforms

3. We further agree to form a technical committee comprising of legal representatives from political parties and other identified stakeholders that shall look into key issues;

4. We agree to mandate ZCID to immediately meet with the  Church to set the program for the dialogue process;

5. We have thus proposed a draft agenda and roadmap for the dialogue process;

6. We wholeheartedly undertake to keep each other engaged in continued consultation to achieve our common objectives; and
7. We reaffirm our commitment to the dialogue process in the interest of all Zambians.

Issued by
Mr. Nathan K Mulonga

ZCID Board Chairperson
Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD)

One Response to Political parties agree on dialogue road map

  1. Our Politicians are SELFISH,EGO CENTRIC UN PATRIOTIC, and RESOURCE CONSUMERS.Look at where they went for tgeir meeting. They are one and the same. Why do I say so?
    We have countless numbers of political parties … for who and for what?
    Each of this parties have differrent agendas of how to rule or manage Zambia.
    If they where partriots they would have committed themslves to the following:
    1)Amalgamate their ideas into one national agenda, 50years, 25years upto 5year periods
    2)Constitution must be amended to allow incumbent president carry out/implement the national agenda
    3)Once incumbent fails national agenda, he should be impeached/ removed to allow Elected Vice take over until next general election
    4) Limit the number of Political parties to three maximum. Any brilliant person should join any of the three parties

    There is a lot that we can contribute to better our natiinal course…..

    Peter Brown
    June 15, 2018 at 1:42 pm

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