Police shoot dead Choma man

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Police in Choma have shot dead a 32 year old man of Kamunza compound while wounding the other during the Police Patrol exercise conducted around the early hours of today.

The dual met their fate during their year- end celebrations at a local bottle store as they hoped to welcome the New Year with joy and splendour.

Southern province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga who confirmed the incidence to ZANIS in Choma today identified the deceased as Claris Muleya 32 of Kamunza compound and the wounded as Lwendo Mutukula also 32 of the same area.

Ms Katanga said the incident which occurred at Vinthu Mufumbenge bottle store this Morning involved a Police officer identified as Paul Nabuzoka 21, a constable by rank who was been driven by a fellow Police officer in a blue Toyota land Cruiser registration number ZP225B.

“I wish to confirm the shooting incident involving the police which occurred in the early hours of today first January 2014 in Kamunza Compound in Choma district. Details of the matter are that Claris Muleya 32 of Kamunza compound was shot on the leg around 01:00 hours near a named bottle store and later died. The Police received the report from members of the public this morning and rushed to the scene where the body of the deceased was picked and is currently lying in Choma general Hospital Mortuary”, she said.

Ms Katanga noted that Lwendo Mutukula who was shot on the left arm was currently admitted to Choma general hospital and his condition was stable.

She said Constable Paul Nabuzoka who had been involved in the shooting had since been detained at Choma Police station and charged with murder to help Police with further investigations.

Ms Katanga described the occurrence as unfortunate stating that the Police were expected to work professionally at all times.

Ms Katanga charged that no one was above the law and that the law would take its course on the matter to ensure that the culprit was brought to book whose action resulted into loss of life.

“As Police we are mandated to protect the members of the public, people should find safety around the Police, it is indeed unfortunate that this has happened especially now that people are celebrating the New Year,” she said.

She said Police had recorded various statements from the members of the public and should the Police officer be found wanting the Police would ensure that he faces the wrath of the law.

Meanwhile Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe who visited the wounded victim Lwendo Mutukula at his hospital bed this morning said government was not happy with the action taken by the Police officer.

Mr Mukombwe said the shooting incidence was unfortunate and called on the Police to quickly establish the cause of the incident.

“I deeply regret the shooting of the two people that have happened on New Year’s Day when people are celebrating. It is gives the district and the province in particular a sad way of starting the new year. This shooting regardless of who has done it is uncalled for and especially that it has been committed by the Police it is highly regrettable,” he said.

And Mr Mutukula, a surviving shooting victim who struggled to speak on his hospital bed told the Mr Munkombwe that he was shot on the door step of his house when he tried to respond to a knock by the Police officer whom he thought was his wife.

“I went home from a drinking spree after midnight and found my wife away from home, after some time I heard a Knock from the door and I woke up to open thinking it was my wife only to receive a gun shot on my left arm and I fell on the floor”, he narrated.

The Minister however sent his message of condolences to the affected families as he called for peace and unity during this difficult time.

Speaking earlier Patriotic Front Kamunza ward Chairperson Allan Chembe said the people of Kamunza Compound want justice to prevail.

Mr Chembe said Kamunza compound was a peaceful community that does not warrant hush treatment from the Police.

“How does the Police follow people in their drinking places, in their homes and claim their lives. The victims did not commit any offence to merit death or wounds, as PF ward Chairperson I will work hard to ensure that the victims who are my subjects get justice on the matter. The Police who are mandated to protect us the citizens, how do they begin to kill us for nothing. The people of Kamunza compound want nothing less than that the law should take its course for justice to be done,” he said

Mr Chembe said it would have been better for the Police to arrest the victims had they been found wanting than to target at their lives.

He said the deceased was a family head who has left behind many dependants who were looking up to him for their survival.

The deceased who died after heavy bleeding from a gunshot sustained injury on his left leg was survived by a wife and four children.

However, Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga said despite the shooting incidence the general situation in the province during the eve celebrations was relatively quiet except for Livingstone where Police officers apprehended 69 people between the ages of 16 to 45 years with cases ranging from idle and disorder likely to cause a breach of peace and assault.


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  1. Sad…

    January 2, 2014 at 2:11 pm

  2. Iwe ka Charity,shot on the leg and died?Do not lie,atase!!MHSRIP

    January 2, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    • What did you want her to say iwe Jakusesa?

      January 2, 2014 at 3:15 pm

      • Short on the leg and died,I also doubt this.

        January 2, 2014 at 4:45 pm

  3. Short on the leg and died,I also doubt this.

    January 2, 2014 at 4:45 pm

  4. Police should stop this six month training they provide.it should at least be two years,at 21 this s when the chap should have been finishing college/police training bt instead he is a constable.they should provide ethical guidance,physical training and then specialised training ie CID or whatever and this is what should take two year afterward,they are supposed to be examined and pass exams before they are released in the field and then we shall call them professnals.Not these to Ma grade twelve officers and we call the professionals,my foot.

    January 2, 2014 at 4:53 pm

  5. sure on the leg died.bufi jst cam out in the the open!

    p celeb
    January 5, 2014 at 12:57 pm

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