Police arrest Siwale, hunt for Mulongoti

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Fresher Siwale

Information reaching us is that Labour Party president Fresher Siwale has been arrested in connection with the NRC photocopy being circulated for President Edgar Lungu.

The police is also reported to be hunting for Mike Mulongoti after bouncing at his office this morning.

Mulongoti and Siwale are leading a campaign that President Lungu is not Zambian. The duo last week threatened to bring out information to the effect that President Lungu was not Zambian and that he was using someone’s identity.

Today a NRC alleged to be for President Lungu was being circulated on social media.



4 Responses to Police arrest Siwale, hunt for Mulongoti

  1. It’ s now apparently clear that we are being ruled by a foreigner Jonathan Mtawale in the forged name of Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Let him do whatever he shall do to Mr. Mulongoti and Mr. Siwale but is Lungu going to remain in State House forever ? The same cells/ prisons that he wants to throw the two for revealing to the nation about his true identity shall be his home. And let Jonathan Mtawale know that Mulongoti and Siwale are innocent because they have just brought to light something that was hidden from the knowledge of the many Zambian masses. Him shall be thrown into the cells/ prison on real offenses that he has committed and is still committing with impunity. Just WAIT and SEE what will happen to Jonathan Mtawale.
    Elyo imwe balesapota Lungu mulifinangwa sana honestly, you tell me you don’ t know what happens in the Muchinga,Northern and Eastern Provinces of Zambia, the loose immigration laws that allow foreigners to enter and go out of Zambia without passports and that we have got a lot of them who are in Zambia illegally ? Mulifipuba sana.

    Bbau Chota
    April 25, 2018 at 6:32 am

    • Let the NRC People confirm the legitimacy of the NRC.While Siwale is in custody,Mulongoti should now take advantage of this situation by taking Police to the foreign country and lead them to a village he claims ECL comes from.It is not time to start hiding.UKAZIPUTA LIMBA.This is what the Easterners say.Meaning if you start a fight,be strong to finish it.

      April 25, 2018 at 10:37 am

    • Nothing will happen to Jonathan Mutaware because he is not a real person. He just exists in some people’s heads.

      April 25, 2018 at 2:46 pm

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