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Civil rights Activist MacDonald Chipenzi says he and his colleague who signed as sureties for Controversial Musician Chama Fumba popularly known as Pilato were warned the implications their signatures.

Chipenzi however says they just had to sign for Pilato so he could go join his family after having been away for so long. He says he assured the Magistrate that Pilato would always be in court when the matter comes up.

And Pilato has been granted a K30, 000 bail by Lusaka Magistrate after he tendered a video showing death threats from PF officials.

Pilato had been in police custody from last week after he was arrested from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on his return from South Africa where he had fled following threats by PF officials after he released a hit song titled Koswe Mumpoto  which talks about corrupt selfish leaders.

The song was interpreted as an insult to the president by PF Officials who sent death threats to Pilato.

Lusaka principal resident Magistrate Mwaka Mikalile said Pilato cannot be faulted for fleeing the country because a video he tendered in court showed that his life was threatened.

Magistrate Mikalile had issued a bench warrant to have Pilato arrested for missing court in a case he is charged for illegal assembly  the time he was out of the country.

Pilato is being presented by lawyer Keith Mweemba.

And political activist MacDonald Chipenzi who was one of the two sureties for Pilato writes:

Today, my colleague, Nicholas Phiri of Zitukule, and Myself managed to sign as sureties for Chama Fumba aka Pilato who has been in Court cells since last week after his arrest on return from South Africa.

We were sternly warned by the Magistrate Mwaka Mukaile of the consequences of our actions but assured her that Pilato will always be in court whenever needed.

We thank the Magistrate for her humane consideration to an extent that Pilato has now reunited with his family after months of being away.

Thanks also go to Laura Miti and Lewis Mwape who quickly organised us together to ensure that all surety documentations are processed and made available to Court and were at court since morning.

Legal Counsel from Keith Mweemba Legal Practitioners for the dedication to have Pilato released on Bail and also the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) staff who quickly approved our papers for Pilato’s bail conditions.

The media practitioners who made sure they waited until Pilato was finally out of the Court cells, to you all, we remain indebted.

Now the battle shifts to President Fresher Siwale of the New Labour Party whose bail conditions remain onerous. Let us all unite and ensure our dear President also regains his freedom.

Aluta Continua.


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