PF’s anti-corruption rhetoric

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When PF say they are committed to the fight against corruption one gets split between slapping them or flogging them. This is a clear case of fooling the masses. A clear legacy of fighting corruption was set by Mwanawasa. He set up of a special task force, corrupt ministers were not spared, corrupt Army officials danced to his tune, investigations went as far as London, resources for investigations were adequately allocated, the ACC’s reputation was elevated and the president showed leadership in both words and action. Today we have the exact opposite where the president defends the corrupt people and charged ministers suspiciously get acquitted after showing political inclinations. We now have monkeys in the maize field, rats in the kitchen, cockroaches in the cupboard or termites in the maize barn. Ministers have even gone in a corruption competition in terms of number of property and vehicles, because their acquisitions don’t even have the decency to be moderate or hidden. We now have an advanced version of corruption where voters are corrupted, elections are flawed, petitions are flawed due to corrupt judges and those who speak out get trumped up charges.

The trickiness with corruption is that its epidemic, if the top is corrupt the lower level also get incentivised to be corrupt. At lower levels it spreads out widely and impacts the common man on a daily basis because of the “everyone is doing it” attitude. One even begins to wonder for instance why Ministry of Lands officials don’t complain over their low pay. Our society is getting conditioned to a situation where we automatically spare extra resources to bribe civil servants, that’s a signal that the impostor at the top is not leading this fight with the vigour it requires! One can imagine that with the aggression Mwanawasa had against corruption, a simple officer will think twice before accepting K10,000 to process someone’s papers. The PF leadership has definitely taken us backward in both national debt and donor aid dependency because of corruption. The k4.5billion highlighted in the FIC report is close to 10% of the national budget. Putting this into perspective, after debt service and salaries the government usually remains with 20 – 25% of the total budget for developmental issues. The situation is so dire in that even the debt acquired was invested in contracts which stink of corruption. It’s a double tragedy, a mess which these ransackers should not be allowed to continue to cover-up. Did you know that most economists including secretary to the treasury, Yamba have hinted that Zambia won’t be able to pay the eurobonds in 2022 and 2023 when they become due, but will refinance them with new loans that will be due in 2032 and 2033? Which means by then you own children will begin to have babies. In other words even your grandchildren will find this PF mess.

This is the reality of the dirty hands we have in government. People who are dodging the content of the FIC report but attacking the manner the report was published. People who would rather call fellow citizens malicious and bitter instead of being respectful by answering their questions. PF clowns are so deficient of leadership qualities and that’s why they don’t see Zambia, as one nation with a common cause, they see Zambia in terms of their enemies and their supporters. They see places they will develop and places they won’t develop because of votes. The primitiveness of the PF leadership is very toxic to the younger generation because we have people with a high moral bankruptcy demonstrating to young ones that violence is the only way one can win. PF are teaching our kids that in order to win you need thugs, machetes and a compromised police. Education and respecting people’s free choice in not part of the PF DNA. The biggest hogwash is the suggestion that a commander in chief who controls the Army, ZAF, ZNS and Police fails to tame and control hunger-stricken, chubuku intoxicated cadres, boys who intimidate citizen who just want to exercise their right to vote. And he calls himself humble. May the lord help us end this rot?

Richard W


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