PF is dead scared because it has not delivered

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President Lungu flanked by his Ministers

By Mwaba Mutale

Please Can somebody honestly advise the PF not to go ahead with its plans to bar HH by introducing injust Laws. Guys countries with war tabatumpa. We are taking peace for granted.. am telling you the fire that will arise from the proposed Law to bar HH in 2021 will leave this country bitterly torn apart and divided and in flames… If President Lungu is truly God fearing let him earnestly tell Given Lubinda to back down. These guys want to bring total confusion in this Country..We are seriously seriously taking people for granted and playing with a very dangerous situation.. I thought by now history would have taught us a big lesson on making targeted laws. Let the PF work and win by convincing the electorate by results. Not targetting opponents. Those are cowardly moves…… And we should all tell our MPs we sent to parliament that we didnt send them to make such laws. We put them there, we are the ones to tell them how to vote in parliament…Including on impeachment!!!!


4 Responses to PF is dead scared because it has not delivered

  1. Only a blind man can’t c,a person who criticises anyhow is a bitter person ,its not everything that is wrong about this government, learn to appreciate u people who are political affiliated

    March 31, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    • The colleague has articulated a good view in the national interest, yet some of you cadres just come up Blindly presenting such a selfish view point, perhaps even paid by those in the corridors of power to do so. Your days are numbered, whatever tricks you may try to employ.

      Paul Mwaka
      March 31, 2018 at 3:29 pm

      • PF you’re not there for our people! You’re criminals tthat are dipping your dirty hands in the govt coffers to enrich yourselves and your families! If you want to gamble with Zambia’s peace records, go ahead and bar HH from competing the 2021 elections!! You will see flames and hailstones!! Go fuck yourselves literally!!!

        March 31, 2018 at 6:42 pm

    • @Gabriel, be careful, don’ t think this country is your mother’ s bedroom where you have got 100% access to do your stupidity. Since when did Edgar Lungu and the PF become Zambia’ s constitution for them to be playing around people’ brains like that ? According to you, do you really believe and trust the PF that they love Zambia and that they are for the peace of this country ? Edgar Lungu fails to honor the constitution and today he thinks he himself is the constitution of Zambia. Given Lubinda through the PF selfish interests wants to endorse a law that bar other political leaders from standing. Try it and you shall see, ne mpiya mwaiba through your corrupt deals ne mbwa mbiyo mukafilwa ukushilya. Mwaya sana bafipe, you think you are the Zambia yet not. Remember what happened in Liberia in 1980 when Master Sgt. Samuel Doe took over the government and many of you in the PF government, you qualify for live firing squad because of the ill you have caused to this nation.

      Seti Sikaluzwe
      April 1, 2018 at 6:39 am

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