PF is crumbling fast in Copperbelt – Kambwili

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NDC event

Roan constituency Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili says the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) is fast crumbling in the Copperbelt province than other provinces.

Kambwili who is shadow leader of National Democratic Congress (NDC) registered by Mwenya Musenge says after his party’s event in Mufulira today, Sunday he was suprised on how the PF were panicking.

He said in a statement below that NDC is today bigger than the way PF was when it was five years in existence.

Meanwhile, the PF sent thugs to disrupt the NDC function where later on a Deputy Mayor, a PF Cadre manhandled a police officer during the fracas.

Read Kambwili’s statement below:

Today the NDC team completely shut down mufulira such that the whole PF provincial leadership including the MMD thugs camped in mufulira.

As political consultant I can foresee this party growing leaps and bounds because the pressure that they have put on the patriotic front is immense. This party led by Mwenya Musenge is bigger than PF was in its first 5 years of formation, the patriotic front structures are in total confusion, complete disarray as the NDC swiftly comes in to provide credible leadership and a lasting solution to the poverty we face in zambia.

After a successful meeting with more than 3000 people the patriotic front members got agitated and sent irate thugs to through stones and break cars at the Hindu Hall in Mufulira. However alert NDC youths combined with professional police officers apprehended the thugs and they locked them up. As illustrated In the picture below whilst at the police station the deputy mayor and Chiteme where seen verbally abusing the men and women in uniform saying that NDC should not be allowed to hold any meeting because this country belongs to president Lungu.

Unfortunately the PF youths that where sent by Lusambo joined the NDC entourage that toured the mining town to a huge huge atmosphere. The Copperbelt is crumbling very fast, although not as fast as it is in some of these other provinces. Can these Mps and senior officials allow Musenge the political mosquito to mobilise for his party.

(Insert picture – Deputy mayor clobbers police man after the NDC meeting) this is an embarrassment to the president and the party people used to love so much.



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  1. Pf is your party so why don’t you just resign and move forward then you can talk like that .
    Come stand in 2021

    Mike kalonje
    November 13, 2017 at 8:01 am

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