Pathetic, Unprofessional & Mediocre Sterkinekor Theatre Customer Service:

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I have witnessed today the most pathetic service of all in the entertainment industry, thanks to Sterkinekor Theatre at Manda Hill. I bought the ticket below with details of the cinema number and the seat number.

Sterkinekor Theatre

When it was time for the movie, surprisingly there was a stampede:

The lady manning the cinema entrance suddenly says it is Free Seating and that seat numbers only apply to those who are in the ‘Prestige cinema’ – bull crap, what’s the seat number for therefore?

Strangely, perhaps more honestly, stupidly, before most of the people could enter due to the near stampede caused by the blocking of entry as there is no sufficient time between the movie times, the movie starts – who starts playing a movie when half the people are struggling to enter as if it is there fault?

Being a good humble guy, I stayed back comfortable because I have a seat as stipulated on my ticket. Then finally I step in and boom, no seat!

So I walk out and asked the lady why my seat was taken. She arrogantly responds saying it is free sitting. Then goes further to say the cinema works on the principle of First Come First Serve – the most stupid and absurd explanation I have ever received in a setting where I buy a ticket with details of service due to me.

I then produced my ticket and told her to read. She said she had no time for that as they have been working like that for the last 14 years. I then reminded her that she sold me a ticket with a seat number, and that this is not the first time I was going to a cinema.

She was not interested, but instead warned me that I am missing the best parts of the movie and if I delay further I might not even find a seat!

Thus infuriated me, and so turned to Vala Mulubale and said:

“See why we are poor as a country? It is such pathetic service as justified by such arrogant attitudes that deter us from growing as a country.”

As if to mock me, the woman said:

“Just be proud of your country, this is Zambia and you are Zambian.”

I then lost my cool and said:

“If such mediocrity as you are showing me through your pathetic service is what it means to be Zambian then there is nothing to be proud of here. What pride is there in mediocrity? You say free seating, show me where on my ticket or anywhere here in your premises where it says free sitting?”

Anyways I got into the cinema and yes, it was filled to capacity without any regard for the seating plans on the tickets.

I sat on the very front row – and I didn’t enjoy my movie experience at all!

But what is even worse is that the price on the tickets is South African Rands, not Kwacha! Who allows such anomalies imwe bantu? Who gets away with such?

Could it be that as Zambians we are used and are happy with mediocrity that the service providers can get away with it?

My final note to the lady was that she was not doing me a favour – I was a client who paid for a service and thus should have been provided that service.

Can someone please share this message with the managers?

But I guess who cares? They probably not give a damn but I bet you this won’t end here with me.

I mean, Wakanda service is this?

That said, I saw the Ncwala Ceremony in Avengers Infinity!

Hjoe Moono



4 Responses to Pathetic, Unprofessional & Mediocre Sterkinekor Theatre Customer Service:

  1. Mediocrity indeed! Shameful, annoying! I could have punched this excuse of a homosapien right on the nose. Take up this matter with management. Give people value for money or close down. This foo1ish woman deserves to be jobless.

    Vantage Point
    May 6, 2018 at 7:20 am

  2. This is indeed poor customer service. You should take this matter up with with management. There should be NO cause for a stampede if indeed they have a first-come-serve-first policy because by selling you that seat FIRST, you were evidently served first to sit in that particular seat. They should serve you according to what they say on the ticket, failure to that it becomes a breach of agreement.

    For things to change we have to change. ‘If it is to be, it is up to us’

    May 7, 2018 at 10:51 am

    • I know this ka lady I once fucked her has an extremely stinking cunt and rotten clitoris she was brought from the streets as a prostititute sometimes clients fuck her right in the cinema without condoms she charges k5 short time

      May 7, 2018 at 12:12 pm

      • This is unnecessary on a topic that is so important to the customer care service. Be civil.

        May 8, 2018 at 4:22 pm

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