Opinion: Current Constitutional Court stinks of corruption and could be a recipe for anarchy!

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I have been following cases that are dear to Zambians and are before this court closely but I have never been amazed with level of incompetence and luxury they have attached to some very sensitive cases before them.

First test was the presidential petition 2016,this court sat on a Friday and ruled that they were going to begin hearing the petition on Monday and that each party was allocated two days to do their submissions.

A Monday came only for the court to change its mind and go against its own Friday ruling saying they would not go ahead and hear the petition.

So, this was ConCourt and luckily no life was lost from this mediocre coconut or ConCourt ruling. Though till now hearts are still bleeding and political tension is so visible especially in an election or by-election environment.

Secondly, the Munali and Lusaka Central parliamentary petitions had been lodged into the ConCourt as appeals after the High Court diligently nullified these seats due to violence and electoral malpractice.

Evidence that led to nullification of these seats by the High Court was submitted to this ConCourt but surprisingly, the evidence in ConCourt custody went missing before this court could rule.

A resubmission of evidence had to be done by the petitioner and reviewed by the High Court without even disciplining the erring court officer.

Till now this matter is still dragging in the ConCourt two years after polls despite being the only court with very few cases.

LUNGU’s eligibility case has been dragging in the ConCourt without explanations, this is a very sensitive matter of national interest and the manner in which ConCourt has been handling it creates suspicions of an invincible hand.

Where can a court hear the matter and reserve to set a date of judgment until further notice?

Don’t they have diaries in chambers?

Who are they trying to consult just to set a date for passing judgment?



2 Responses to Opinion: Current Constitutional Court stinks of corruption and could be a recipe for anarchy!

  1. Give them time to work imwe ba UPND you have nothing to do

    May 11, 2018 at 9:12 pm

  2. The whole judicially, has been destroyed. Zambia is a dead country. Jonathan Mutaware has taken us 20 years behind.

    John chabe
    May 13, 2018 at 4:01 am

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