On the recent Happenings at Parliament

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Zambian Parliament which has 16 women MPs out of 150.

Dear editor,
With reference to the above subject, allow me to express my opinion;

When the United Party For National Development MPs shunned the official opening of the first session of the 12th National Assembly, my good old friend (Eddie) predicted alot more extremely foolish behavior and violent arguments between the ruling and those in opposition. He further said the parliamentary floor shall be turned into a platform for subortage

His words came to light when our law makers made their first presentation to the house during the first session of this national Assembly. It was like listening to  a re-run campaign rally, Slogans were chanted on the floor with some calling a named opposition leader “Shonongo”

But these happenings are somehow platitude though worthy our attention and reflection:

… when Dr Michael Kaingu tore the President’s speech late in 2012 and no serious action was taken against him not to talk of efforts to revise the ethics and code of conduct for our honoured men, the madness seed was sown. When madam Dora Siliya did a middle finger up on HE Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRIP) and received some encore, the seed was fertilised.

In the same sense,
…when the opposition boycotted parliament demamding for the constitution the vandetta between the left and the right was set. When ECZ carelessly hundled the two presidential elections 2015 & 16, the vendetta was re kindled

Now the seed of madness is rip amidist a blazing vendetta. Unfortunately, there is nothing we the electorates can do but there is much the man who has presided over this circus can do and it has to begin with his resignation

Who ever thought a day would come when our members of Parliament would turn Parliament into a rally stage, when our honourable men would invite each other for a fight right on the floor, when our law makers would slap, push and baptise themselves amidst a pending economic, social and political crisis?

If there is anything like morality in Zambia’s political setup then the Speaker of our National Assembly must resign on moral grounds. Indeed he must step down and apologise for being so partial

I personally, have no empathy nor sympathy for either the speaker or any Member of Parliament. They all share the cause of this mess, they deserve this. The embarrassment serves them right

These activities at Parliament are no small issue. Left unresolved, the spirit will spread to the common citizen and there’ll be choas, turmoil and confusion in Zambia

As the nation and the POTROZ wait for the submission on various politically motivated investigations and commissions of inquiry, we know Parliament itself has given us first hand information


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