New Kamchanga modern market construction received with mixed feelings

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New Kamchanga modern market stands – Picture by Zipporah Mushala

Government’s move to construct a modern market in Mufulira’s Kamchanga area has been received with mixed feelings, reports Zipporah Mushala.

Some old Kamchanga market traders have welcomed the move while others are unhappy; stating, among other reasons, that the new Kamchanga market is along a highway, which could endanger their lives.

One old Kamchanga market trader, Mutale Mutale told the Zambian Eye in interview that the modern market is too far for them compared to where they are operating from now and that it is situated along a high way, which could endanger their lives.

“Even if they complete the construction of that market, am not ready to move. It is along a high way which doesn’t have speed humps and I am not ready to put my life in danger by crossing the road everyday just to go to the market,” she stated.

Shop blocks at new Kamchanga modern market construction site- Picture by Zipporah Mushala

Another old Kamchanga market trader, Felistus Mwape  said that old Kamchanga market traders were not consulted on what they wanted to be constructed for them before works began and that they could have preferred  something else like a boarding school  instead of the market they are constructing.

“That market is not ours. We are not ready to move to that market. Did we ask them to build us a market? Let them make it a boarding school instead,” Mwape stated.

The market traders were also concerned about the money they would have to be paying for the market stands at the new market considering that it will be a modern market, stating that they are not ready to be paying anything more than the K1 per day that they are paying for the stands at the old market.

Another old Kamchanga market trader Ester Nyirenda however appreciated the soon to be completed modern market, stating that it would come as an answered prayer, especially to people like her who do not have tables to sell from.

Mufulira central Member of Parliament Dr. Evans Chibanda told the Zambian Eye in an interview today that the modern market works which had slowed due to the lack of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) would be completed in about two months’ time.

“The works had slowed but now, we expect them to be complete in about two months’ time. The President, Mr. Edgar Lungu has come up with a task force aided by the Ministry of infrastructure and housing and the aim of the task force is to make sure that all construction works which had slowed are completed,” Chibanda said.

He also added that the works are about 90% complete and that when completed, the new modern market would also have modern shops and a modern bus station.

“We have looked at markets and we want to do is to make them more conducive. We want to make markets in which the market traders can operate better from,” he explained.

If completed, new Kamchanga modern market will be the first modern market in Mufulira district.


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  1. The location of the market is okay. All they need is to put speed humps along the kamuchanga kalukanya way.

    April 27, 2018 at 1:47 pm

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