New Constitution should be ready before 2016 elections – VJ

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VJ Mwaanga

VJ Mwaanga

Veteran Politician Vernon Mwaanga has called on the Michale Sata headed government to ensure that a new constitution is delivered before the next general elections that are due in 2016.

Mwanga who has served the country in various position has also advised the PF government to promote an inclusive approach to governance issues. He bemoaned that there has not been any dialogue between the PF government and opposition parties to discuss important issues such as the  constitution road map and the Public Order Act.

He said 2014 should be utilized to ensure that stakeholders  start meeting to discuss governance issues. He said by 2015 a new constitution should be ready and a new electoral act agreed by all stakeholders.


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  1. if National Building is likened to building a house – one block after another, then VJ and the generation that he represents are indicted and are surely responsible for the predicament we find ourselves in.Is it not a shame VJ , that after 50years of independence , the country still dont have a strong and vibrant constitution. Leaders must learn to audit their contributions to their country and their people.leaders must learn to solve the problems and ensure challenges of their time are not passed to their future generations.

    you are hereby found guilty of have enjoyed the benefits of power and yet lamentably failed the nation in ensuring a strong and vibrant constitutional order.

    December 31, 2013 at 5:44 am

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