Ndola Central MP under fire from Residents

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Emmanuel Mulenga

Ndola Central PF Member of Parliament Emmanuel Mulenga has come under fire from residents of his constituency who have described him as an absent MP.

Several callers who called during a community watch show on SUN FM radio, a program where citizens express their concerns on issues affecting them in communities,accused their MP of being an absent MP thereby being oblivious to their challenges.
The callers without fear expressed their displeasure with the MP saying since being elected Mulenga has only visited their areas for public relations purposes.
The callers from the townships of Twapia and Chipulukusu expressed concern that their interests were either being misrepresented or not represented at all because the person elected has not been consulting them.
“My Name is Joe calling from Chipulukusu, my concern is the absence of our MP. Ba Mulenga baliluba (he has disappeared). There is nothing here that he has done. No water, poor sanitation and our MP can’t even speak for us. He absent. People in Ndola 2021 vote wisely.”
Another caller said Mr Mulenga has disappeared and neglected the people that voted for him.
“We don’t have an MP here in ndola central. Ba Mulenga tapali ifyo baleshita. This time parliament is not seating, the MP should be in his constituency, but where is he?,” the caller asked.
Mr Mulenga after been elected as member of parliament promised to transform ndola central by pledging to use his personal money.
At one meeting after the elections, Mr Mulenga even promised to use K500,000 personal money to build a secondary school in Chipulukusu.
Mr Mulenga also promised the marketers at Njanji market in Twapia that he will build them a market shettler, which he has failed to do two years after the promise was made.
Efforts to get Mr Mulenga failed as his phones went unanswered.

4 Responses to Ndola Central MP under fire from Residents

  1. Do people really expect anything from MPs? I shudder to imagine that someone would go to parliament for him to use his money to build a school. come on people. If one can manage to spend so much money, why couldnt he do it while outside Parliament. Forgive my ignorance but I think it is folly to imagine that a fellow pauper who is fighting so hard to get a job from Parliament can suddenly turn leaves of a pawpaw tree at his house into millions of Dollars. This is simply magic. Anyway, Zambia is Christian Country with no christians.

    May 16, 2018 at 3:10 pm

    • I agree with black bird. Trouble is we entrust power with fellow poor people whom with whom we have similar problems to solve.it’s simply magic that we expect them to be our Messiahs..let’s open our eyes.only a person doing better than you can lead you…

      May 18, 2018 at 12:26 pm

  2. Mulenga chited the pipo of Nkwazi Compound that James Phiri Road will be tarred.When the Head of State visited Kopala recently MULENGA thought that the Head of State will also visit Nkwazi Comp to check on Projects and he quickly organised catapillers and roughly graded part of Nkwazi Rd. When ECL went back to Lusaka the graders disappeared and there is just dust all over. Mulenga why did you lie? Lies come back know this well oooooh.

    May 16, 2018 at 6:04 pm

  3. Hon Mulenga please look at the dirty city, look at the way Broadway round about looks like, the dirt at Kabelenga/Shinde junction , no stree lights in residential areas, how will the keep Ndola clean be successful? come 2021, you are gone my brother.

    Peter Kalindo Chellah
    May 17, 2018 at 8:58 am

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