NDC praises Mufulira residents for snubbing President Lungu

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The opposition NDC has praised the people of Mufulira on the Copperbelt province for snubbing President Lungu when he visited the mining town.

And NDC says the development has shown that it is time for President Lungu to go. The Chishimba Kambwili led party said this in a press release below to Zambian Eye.

For immediate Release.

President Lungu snubbed in Mufulira- As NDC lauds residents in mining town for shunning president’s visit.

The National Democratic Congress NDC wants to thank Mufulira residents for snubbing the visit by President Edgar lungu to Mufulira yesterday.

President Lungu saw it for himself that residents in the mining town have given him a red card.

Mufulira has a special place in the history of Zambia.

All the political heat starts in this town. Talk about the liberation struggle and the reintroduction of multi party politics. It is all traced to Mufulira.

All the big political groupings in Zambia start in this small mining town.

The first ward and parliamentary seat where scooped by the Pf then in opposition’s were in Mufulira.

After visiting Mufulira, president Lungu should know that his time is up.

Truth be told, the president was booed by marketeers at buteko trading centre when he toured the facility.

President lungus rally at Mufulira Professional college grounds in kantanshi area was also poorly attended.

At least the Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe was frank and honest enough to tell President Lungu at the rally that Mufulira has changed and that the Pf is loosing ground.

Worse still, the Pf provincial leadership’s on the Cooper belt failed to stage manage political defections.

The Pf had offered our district committee member’s in various areas up to ten thousand kwacha each to defect from NDC but all this failed.

This clearly raises questions on the future of the Pf.

President Lungu is going back yo lusaka a very disappointed man.

He knows that the waters are extremely deep. He stands no chance to go through in 2021.

The Pf is purely a failed project.

Lungu is cheating people that he is inspecting projects country wide through assignments that can be done by cabinet Ministers.

The fact is, Lungu is not sleeping. He is in a panic mood. He is hallucinating and trying to find solace and relief by getting fake reports from a bunch of disgruntled cadres surrounding him for monetary gains.

To Mufulira residents, we say thumbs up for showing Lungu that he is not wanted in the mining town.

As NDC, we stand resolved to remove this regime through the ballot.

No amount of intimidation or violence will frustrate our effort’s of liberating Zambia.

The struggle for a better Zambia continues.

Issued by: Charles Kabwita. NDC National Youth Chairman.


3 Responses to NDC praises Mufulira residents for snubbing President Lungu

  1. This is lie. Even a Managing Director at some time inspects projects assigned to his/her subordinates to see progress. Lungu is doing this. If he was at home, you would say he is about to die; Visiting countries you would say running away from problems;As he is making projects follow-ups, you say he is campaigning! What is good to you? Opposing everything!!?

    senior bino
    February 13, 2018 at 7:48 am

  2. Some of the so-called opposition political parties are just a noisy lot and lack inspiration. Day in and day out they only know how to attack personalities and individuals. I thought that opposition parties, apart from offering checks and balances, should be convincing us that they are credible government-in-waiting. They should be giving hints as to what sort of value and development agenda they bring if given a chance to rule. Not this thing of Lungu has done this or that! Yes, you can point out the wrongs, but you should put more energies in assuring the people of what makes you the best alternative.

    February 13, 2018 at 9:05 am

  3. Best approach to any problem that may arise at any given time is to deal with the “Cause” than effect. Whether the Head of State was snubbed by the people of Mufulira or not, there is cause for intrispective assesment. “Things are not always what they appear to be” Peace, Love and Goodwill to all Zambians.

    Muta Mutai
    February 13, 2018 at 3:46 pm

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