Mutati’s auction sale: Zambia going down without a fight

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Mutati arriving to present the 2018 budget

By Cde Mainda Simataa

I am sorry for myself, and I am sorry for the many Zambians who do not know that the PF government, through their grand auctioneer, Felix Mutati, sold a school (Jacaranda Basic) and many other buildings grandpa Kenneth Kaunda liberated for us from British colonialism, and in many cases built for us, his beloved grand, and great grand children!

Last week, 31st May, after I was unfortunate to attend a FELIX SELLOUT MUTATI government organized event dubbed ‘Market Sounding’; a stupid meaningless academic phrase that was intended to hide from the unsuspecting public, the true motive and extent of the ACCELERATED SALE OF PUBLIC PROPERTIES (LAND, SCHOOLS, POLICE POSTS, PLAY GROUNDS) TO THE HIGHEST FOREIGN BIDDERS, and all under the over glorified but dubious capitalist PPP program – a Private Public Partnership which is in fact a WINNER TAKES ALL for PRIVATIZATION, as Mutati made it clear!

I sat there motionless, helpless, surrounded by unpatriotic corporate capitalist vultures who had come to dismember the slain Zambian carcass that had been laid defenseless at their feet, to choose the best portion their pockets could afford to buy! A few Zambians who were there are the comprador bourgeois class (those who profit by assisting foreigners in their scams), and Minister Felix Mutati is at the Head of this treacherous class that is only Zambian by name, but foreign in their hearts and deeds!

The other Zambians who came, were just hungry gate crashers, and came in the hope that there would be transport refunds, but could only part away with a cup of tea and a triffling portion of one samoosa, scone and musa biscuits each. Some even secretly pleaded in a whisper for an extra plate, but the chef’s stood their grounds. That’s how hungry we are as a nation.

Of course many of the ordinary Zambians in attendance were vastly outnumbered and outmonied. They tried their best to tuck in and fit in, but the poverty of our people is indelibly etched on the faces, gait, and spiritual outlook of our people, including our pets, animals – you can literally sense a Zambians’ poverty, even if it’s dressed up in fine Louis Vuitton or Versace clothes.

The summary of that event is that buyers; MUTATI’S international criminal cronies, foreigners from all over the world – China, Japan, England, South Africa, people whom Mutati payed glowing tribute to in his preamble as if his salary depended on it, flew in to buy OUR INHERITANCE, and there is nothing in the world we did, or can do about it still, not in our present disorganized state were the ‘educated’/informed refuse to stand up and fight, and a few educated men like us now seem to be mad men fighting a lonely and lost cause.

After the auction speech, private buyers made their bids SECRETLY IN SPECIAL BOOTHS, and we have no way of finding out exactly how much has been offered up for the one property that attracted and upset Zambians and the media the most – THE SALE OF JACARANDA SCHOOL AND HERBERT YOUNG GOVERNMENT HOSTELS to a Chinese consortium that was present, and intends to build a HOTEL in its place.

I was not, and NO ZAMBIAN was allowed to speak, comment or ask questions concerning the loss of our property to foreigners, but I was extended an invitation to cocktail at Southern Sun, to toast and drink and eat to the SALE OF MOTHER ZAMBIA! But I turned down the invitation in PROTEST, I can never be party to the sale and butchery of my country. Instead I went home and moarned like a man, in silence, no tears, but with a bleeding heart!

Mutati will go down in history as the worst Minister, a fraudster, a quintessential example of how the intellectuals we send and tax-sponsor to UNZA repay their country with EVIL. How heartless, coy, and depraved some ‘educated’ people can be, how they can use their position of privilege to betray the people, and amass wealth for themselves, families, and their corrupt appointees – Edgar Lungu!

Edmund Burke once wrote, “all that is required for evil to win, is for good men to do nothing.”…and as Zambians, if we continue to doing nothing, we shall pay a heavy price, as we now are!

All we need is a few Zambians to step forward for freedoms fight!

By Cde Mainda Simataa
Nationalist, Freedom Fighter, UPP Party


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