Mukata’s letter from prison

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Keith Mukata

So Miles Sampa went all the way to Mukobeko Prison in Kabwe to fetch a fake letter from a prisoner on death row?

Since Honourable Mukata was sentenced to death, Miles has never commented or visited him in prison. All of a sudden, he remembered that there is a Mukata in prison, rushed there and came out with letter and took it to Chilanga. How nice!

Petty and opportunistic politicians do funny stuff. What exactly are we supposed to do with this fake letter, probably written by Miles in his car on his way from Mukobeko? Of what value is this letter to the people of Chilanga?

I thought Miles Sample should be telling the people of Chilanga about Lower Taxes, More Money in Their Pockets and the 3 million jobs the PF Government have created. Instead, poor Miles, struggling for relevancy and recognition in PF, after his famous opportunistic attempt for PF presidency that resulted in a very laughable political voyage – from PF to DF, to a pact with NAREP, to UPND and back to PF within a year, rushed to Kabwe to fetch a letter as if it is the magic wand for all their problems.

Perhaps, our Miles is looking for a signal. Mama…Mama, give miles a signal before he goes to fetch something irrelevant again.

By Yona Musukwa


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  1. Keith you are a traitor , when you were an mmd MP agreed to serve under pf govt as a deputy minister naturally UPND has no reason to trust you. Not being trusted does amount to being hated. When you pulled that trigger UPND was not involed , if you want your freedom urgue your case in court rather than appeasing pf to earn your freedom. What you are doing is like a desparately hungry man who would eat human shit to stay alive because of lack of food.

    May 9, 2018 at 9:37 am

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