Mufulira parents label free primary education a lie

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Some parents in Mufulira district have labeled free primary education a lie, stating that they are asked to pay too many contributions towards supporting their children at school.

One Mufulira parent, Gift Mufata, told Zambian Eye in an interview that there was no such thing as free education as parents are always being asked to make all kinds of contributions such as cobra contributions, fundraising money, among other contributions.

“I have two children in primary school and I feel as if am still paying school fees. Every now and then, we are being asked to pay a K20 for this and a K30 for that. To me, that is the same as paying school fees,” she complained.

Mufata added that they are finding it difficult to support their children because if they do not have money to pay for those contributions, their children are asked to stay home until they pay.

“They said its free education but we are always being stressed about finding money for the unending contributions. Nothing in this world is free.”

Another concerned parent, Blessing Nkonde, stated that when it is time to write end of term tests, the parents are asked to contribute for the buying of plain papers and printing and that that they are also always being made to pay various contributions for brooms and cobra.

“I don’t see how we poor parents are being helped to educate our children without problems because with the amount of money we spend on contributions, I don’t see how that makes any difference compared to the fees we used to pay,” Nkonde said.

Meanwhile, Mufulira District Education Board (DEBS) Secretary Chrispine Chilufya has defended the contributions, stating that government could not manage to buy things like cobra or brooms for all the schools in the country and that it was the responsibility of the parents to make sure the children are learning in a clean environment among other needs.

Speaking in an interview with Zambian Eye, Chilufya urged the parents to appreciate what the government was doing for them stating that they are supplying text books, desks, equipment like wielding machines and cutlery for home economics among other things.

“The parents who are complaining just have a negative attitude. They should appreciate the government’s efforts. Each school has got unique needs and should not expect the government to cater for their different needs,” he said.


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  1. just continue scrounging around for those fees you enjoy boza and wenye kaili..

    April 28, 2018 at 11:05 pm

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