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Let me tell you a true situation When I used tropical slippers as my measure of faith!!!!



I’ve been writing on Facebook about 5 years running now…


Those who are my close friends and know me personally and equally those who are my friends know that before I got my very first job, which came from Facebook, at one time yalisa zanda no size. Like literally even before the loadshedding and the dollar and the Lungu problems, ifwe one time yalikoselepo…


At that time I was dealing with two terrible failures in life…


Firstly the pain of dropping out of priesthood in my 6th year, and then subsequently dropping out of law school.


It was a time of intense pain and disappointment..

Family thought I was possessed and going crazy, abanandi nabo, most of my friends if not all except my seminary friends disappeared. And that’s what happens when disaster strikes, the time when we need help and friends the most is the time when they disappear like a fart in the wind. Bantu bandi umuntu uli onse ala lubana, but instead of help, we get condemnation and judgment…


So what did I do???


The wise thing? No! Like I idiot I proved my critics right, I found solace and friendship in beer (utujili jili na chibuku)….


It was bad, looking back at those days nanomba ndalila ifilamba…



But I made a DECISION to come out of that state. That’s the first step, making a DECISION!!! In whatever mishap you might be going through today, if you “choose not to choose” to come out of that quandary situation, not even the heavens can help you..


After the decision to detach myself out of destructive and rebellious behavior, what next did I do??? Simple. I decided to stop counting past glories.


See I had always grown up being told am intelligent and smart am this am that, being told those things that make ones head grow big, if you know what I mean.. but things were no longer the same, I was no longer under the auspices of the Catholic church, neither was I a law student. I had to accept what I was, what I had put myself into and not blame a single soul, I had to take full responsibility if I was going to make any progress.


At that time I was living in some shuck in kalingalinga…I will skip that part coz I have shared that part and it’s valuable lesson a couple of times. Let me get to what I Wana put across direct…


So what did I do????


I remember walking to a place near Arakan Baraks, actually very near to were my current home is today and I often see that place  daily  while going to work. It’s special to me coz that’s were my liberation begun…


I remember going to that place in Burma road near monument/chikoleka forest, just near Interlans where they sell nursery for vegetable gardens. I bought rape, Chinese, onion and cabbages. I wanted to buy tomatoes but I was told it not the season yet..


Why did I choose to plant a garden???


I was just coming out of depression, I was fighting drunkenness, I was looking for hope in life and a fresh start to my life…my thinking was when I see my vegetables grow, hope and faith will grow in me too. We are people and external signs mean a lot to us too…my sign was going to be a garden..


What next did I do?


I Adopted a positive outlook towards life. I didn’t pick or choose what to do, I washed cars, swept in shops and banks after hours people knocked off (I remember particularly Indo Zambia bank near findeco, used to do the Windows there)…in the evening I would post one or two things on Facebook, usually positive staff….


Then I had a break…


Remember going to Ndola, escorted a friend to go and brand and shop in Ndola. On return he paid me 300 kwacha. Following day I photocopied my NRC, walked up to zanaco bank and opened my first bank account which was a Xapit account. No money in it, no job, just armed with one tool, FAITH AND HOPE!!!


After that I did a few things remained with 30 kwacha change. Then I did something really amazing….


Now here is what I did…


My shoe had become completely worn out…So I Walked into PeP stores along cairo, bought Those rubber slippers called Rafters, I remember they were 21 kwacha..


While I was paying that 30 kwacha, I my heart I had so much faith and belief and I prayed, “Lord, am finished, now I have nothing, but you have everything, Lord because you are God and because you are my father, before these tropical slippers finish Lord, I declare that you shall bless me with a job. I don’t know how, am not qualified but you do not call the qualified, you qualify the called. Am believing in you almighty father, in Jesus name”….amen..


And that I how I shed a tear of faith, got my slippers and change which was a 9 kwacha from 30 and changed into the slippers just in the shop and threw the old ones I wore in a bin…


I went out of the shop, but returned, got my old finished shoes from the bin and instead searched and found a shoeless street kid and gave them to him and went home…


To cut the long story shot, I later met a man on Facebook who became a mentor and a friend and three months later on our first meeting which was at his work place met him, for an interview, on our first meeting bantu bandi..


He just asked, “is this how I look in person and on my profile picture?”


anyway I got the job, the first money to ever enter that bank account I opened was 1,560 kwacha, my first salary…i struggled on 1,560 but worked my way up while studying for my degree (which I graduated last year 14 th May 2014 with a distinction first class A with an average of 91%).. now doing my masters degree and enjoying Jameson at G Green every Saturday…


My point in sharing this story, is DONT GIVE UP, DONT GIVE IN, STOP LIVING IN THE PAST AND PUSH ON…


what’s done is done, find a way to break your habit and stop living a lie or living in the past…in bemba we say “ubulimi bwa kale tabutalalika Mwana”….


Yesterday and it’s conquests are over…the future is what lies ahead of you and I..always have your eyes set on that…


Ok bane, Have a brilliant day fellas and at 8:30 today, I promise I will post a very brilliant and fantastic career offer on my wall, to work in a very fantastic place where my friend is a division director..don’t worry its not a kantemba company, he just asked me to run the ads after I convinced him not to place it in the papers but that we can help someone here and find fabulous talent jus here on Facebook…


Get your papers ready and watch this space…


Pleasant day  comrades and good luck as we all struggle to actualize our plans and find our place in this world…


God bless……..


By Mwaba Mutale


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    September 10, 2015 at 10:30 am

  2. I also enjoyed reading your story but got very disappointed about the bit of drinking. Think twice

    September 11, 2015 at 11:15 am

  3. Good story but the Jameson beer has killed it off. God has given another chance, but what do you do now you thank him beer sure.

    No Man Change

    September 11, 2015 at 1:11 pm

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