More taxes, no jobs! No money in the pocket, what next?

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The PF should primarily put “more money” in people’s pockets before they can tax them because taxing someone with no money is like sucking blood from a stone.

It requires no expertise of a rocket scientist nor a microscopic magnifying glass to see that the Patriotic Front (PF) Government has parted ways with its founding principles.

The backbone of the Patriotic Front manifesto is originally hinged on a pro-poor governance system that promises “low taxes” for people while putting “more money” in their pockets.

It is however disheartening to observe the Patriotic Front under the leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu bid farewell to the aforementioned values, that charmed the hearts of the Zambian masses, ushering them in public office in 2011 after three (3) successive but failed attempts.

The actions of the current PF regime are weighing heavily on the lean shoulders of the poor Zambian masses as they struggle to weather the effects of the various taxes being imposed on them.

Despite raising the tax free income threshold from K1,000 to K3,000 in 2014, the PF government has garnered other strategies to tax the common Zambian to abject poverty.

Zambians are being Taxed on the roads through RTSA , the toll-gates and fares. More Taxes have also come in through accommodation whether rented or owned, then we have the traditional VAT. Banks are also Taxing on top of high interests.

It is of primary importance that President Lungu should arrest the rife corruption by his Ministers and their various institutions before imposing the numerous taxes on people, consequently paralysing the growth of the poor majority.

We wish to also note the high rate of unemployment in the country that has reduced our people’s capacity to make money, and efforts by our youth to do businesses have been suffocated by the hike in utilities such as electricity tariffs, being driven out of the streets without alternative trading places among other setbacks.

To set the record straight, as Economic Equity Party (EEP) we are not against the payment of taxes, but we urge government to apply such taxes with sensitivity to the prevailing economic status of the poor majority.





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