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frontagefront-viewMonze College of Education is one the leading Colleges in Southern province attracting Students from all provinces in Zambia.

chairmanIt is privately owned and is located off Livingstone Road, 3 Kilometres from Monze town.

view-tkSetup in 2001, Monze College of Education has produced over 3000 Teachers who have been deployed in government and private Schools.

students-walkingThe College currently has slight over 900 Students at it’s Monze Campus.

secondary-classMonze College of Education offers the following courses:

  • Secondary Teaching Diploma
  • Primary Teaching Diploma
  • Early Childhood Education Diploma
  • Primary Diploma by Distance¬†secondary-tkclass-in-sessionclass-in-session-1

staffroom-tkThe College has highly professional Lecturers skilled in the courses offered by the institution. Many of these Lecturers have vast experience tutoring in reputable Colleges and Universities.

all-partsMonze College takes in Students from all parts of Zambia. Boarding facilities run by private individuals have been constructed near the campus for easy access to lecture rooms.

libraryThe College has a well stocked library.

computer-roomMonze College places priority on modern technology teaching tools to enable its students move with time. The College has an Information Technology (IT) course which is mandatory for all Students.

The College Vision is to reduce poverty through education while the Mission is to work in partnership with government in order to produce fully developed Teachers who have a zeal to serve humanity in the acquisition of knowledge, skills and ability to live democratic values.

Monze College of Education Core Values is Engaging in a process of self and community reflection that leads to recognise and heighten awareness. The College strives to develop an institutional culture that holds itself accountable to its values. It practices: Commitment, Respect, Excellence and Accountability.

Monze College of Education enrolls starting from September to November for the following year’s programmes.

secretaryThe College can be contact on the following numbers or email:

+260 977 442 469

+260 977 699 504

+260 978 535 323

Email – [email protected]




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  2. IWould like one to give me briefs concerning issues of payments at the named Institute and how they are bieng paid.

    November 10, 2016 at 8:50 am

  3. The school is highly teachers proffesional.we need distance learning.can u offer accomodation for students.put highly security measures on pregnancy students please.

    mwanalila told
    November 13, 2016 at 9:45 am

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