M’membe and I differed over gay rights – Wynter

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Wynter Kabimba

Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba has made a starling allegation that the leaders of the newly-formed Socialist Party broke away from his party because he did not subscribe to their atheistic beliefs and plans to source funding from gay rights organisations.

But Socialist Party leader Cosmas Musumali, who was Kabimba’s running mate in the 2016 general elections, dismissed the allegations as lies but was quick to add that he has no intention of engaging in a mud fight with his former boss.

The Socialist Party was launched on March 31 with veteran journalist Fred M’membe being announced as the party’s 2021 presidential candidate and deputy general secretary, while Dr Musumali is the party’s general secretary.

Commenting on the formation of the breakaway party, Kabimba, an erstwhile close friend and political ally of Dr M’membe, said while he wishes the Socialist Party well, the public needed to know what led to its split from the Rainbow Party.

“So, this is the story as it has been told and you know, it is very interesting that what goes round comes round. So, I was laughing to myself as I watched the clip of former colleagues in the Rainbow Party being paraded that these are men of integrity, that these are honest men. I have just been listening to Cosmas Musumali’s interview on Radio Phoenix as I was driving to the studio…. So, we wish them well. But let me go further because this issue needs to be clarified, once and for all. Why did we have differences in the Rainbow Party with our colleagues? Firstly, we disagreed with the type of people that they wanted to bring into the party (Rainbow Party) as financiers. We disagreed with their (party financiers) sexual orientation! We are not so desperate that we can get money from anybody into the political party,” Kabimba said on The Interview programme on Millennium Radio.

“So, when we looked at some of the characters they brought, some of whom attended the launch last weekend, and their sexual orientation vis-á-vis our moral standing as a political party and a political party which exists in a Christian nation, we said no! Point number one! Point number two [is that] we refused to accept the view that socialism means that you should not pray to God, that socialism means that there is no God out there and that therefore, when you have a meeting you should not offer a prayer to God. We rejected that! Here were our colleagues who thought that they were so educated, they were more socialists than some of us and they must drive this agenda to us that if they are going to continue as members of this party, then we must agree with them that God does not exist. So, these were fundamental areas of disagreement; very fundamental. Therefore, because they found that [a] big number of us could not subscribe to those views, which we thought were crazy…They tried to rally people within the party against me. They even tried to buy people off in the party and they failed. The last straw that broke the camel’s back was their departure from the party! So, we were happy and we still wish them well.”

But Dr Musumali rubbished Kabimba’s claims, adding that he did not wad to be dragged into politics of character assassination.


“The reasons comrade Wynter Kabimba is advancing are unfounded, they are lies and they are shameful. It’s high time we moved to a political discourse of respect and of honesty and his statement falls short of that,” he said. “I don’t want to be dragged into the issue of character assassinations, into issues where we start dragging each other’s names into the mud – I haven’t done it with him and I will not do it with anyone else. That’s not the Zambia we want to build. Zambians don’t deserve to be told lies, they don’t deserve to be given statements by our leaders that will not build this country,” stated Dr Musumali.

“The issues being raised are unfounded! There is absolutely none…These are all lies; they are allegations without a basis. The other issue is that if we are going to talk about sexual orientation, then we go into sexual preferences, I don’t think that’s what Zambians are looking for. Let’s not start telling lies to our people.”

On Kabimba’s claims that his party wanted to advance an atheistic agenda, Dr Musumali said issues of religious belief are better left to individuals.

“Even the whole issue of the Church and religion is all unfounded. “We regard religion as a private issue. We have in the Socialist Party people who are Muslims, Christians and our stance is that when you are organising a party, you are not organising it because you are bringing in a certain type of religion. [But] you are organising it because you have a class struggle or an ideological orientation. The issue of religion is better left to an individual and that’s why we try as much as possible not to bring our private religious affiliations and preferences into the political party.”


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  1. But Dr Musumali the issues Mr Kabimba has highlighted are very important, especially in Christian nation like Zambia (over 90% of the people are Christians) – there is no character assassination here; you just have to make your standing known on the issues he has raised and not dodge the subject. God bless Zambia! Psalm 33:12

    April 6, 2018 at 9:26 am

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