MMD diehard accuses Bowman of taking ghosts to PF

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Bowman Lusambo

MMD Diehard Youths national coordinator Gerald Chiluba has taken a swipe at his predecessor Bowman Lusambo after the later allegedly stage managed defections from his former party.

Chiluba, who has taken over the renegade youth structure of the party that propelled Lusambo to prominence said attempts to seek political relevance in an effort to please his boss through stage managing defections was misplaced.

He said the Lusaka Province Minister should know better the consequences of receiving ghost members as defectors because he used the same strategy with William Banda during his days in MMD but ended up making his party lose the 2011 elections.

“Mr Lusambo’s attempt to seek political relevance in an effort to please his boss is misplaced. Surely how can you receive ghost members as defectors? The PF have no reason to go after MMD because their simply rotating numbers in the same bowl.

“Honourable Bowman Lusambo should know better the implications of stage managing defections. These are the same tricks he used together with William Banda in 2011 and they failed to take the party forward,” he said.

Chiluba explained that the people Lusambo was receiving were not MMD because Amos Nyirenda and his group are not in the MMD structures at any level.

“We want to distance our party from the purported Defections which took place yesterday. There is unverified information circulating on social media and other media platforms that the leadership of MMD led by Amos Nyirenda in Lusaka province has defected to the patriotic front.

“We want to clarify that the MMD had no such leaders serving at provincial level or at whatever level as suggested by media reports. That was simply a group of imposters who wanted to use the MMD to make some money,” he said.

Chiluba added “We therefore want to urge the members of the public and the Media fraternity to treat the information of Defections as fake, because it does not in anyway hold any element of truth, it is purely propaganda and we want to urge the PF to embark on a genuine drive of members as it is the only weapon to increasing the membership of any party”


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