MMD counsels parties against violence, insults ahead of 2016 elections

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James Chona

James Chona

MMD Deputy Spokesperson and Lusaka Mayor aspiring candidate James Chona has strongly urged all political parties to  depart  from the low level politics of violence and insults  and graduate to issue-based politics of Morality and Integrity that the MMD has been advancing for a long time now.

Mr. Chona said time has come for leaders of political parties to begin educating their followers  to recognize that Zambia needs to embrace  issue-based ‘Modern Politics’ devoid of insults, character-assassination, cadreism, slander, thuggery  and political violence.

He said this is the reason why the MMD not only espouses for Modern politics, but also has Education as one of its corner-stone pillars in its ‘10 Point Master Plan’ and is the main reason why the MMD has been in full support of the Grade 12 education minimum qualification for aspiring  civic leaders and members of Parliament because this will accord them the  ability to understand issues and therefore be able to raise the bar in political debate.

Mr. Chona further said that Zambia has millions of citizens with Grade 12 Certificates a above but many have chosen to stay away from politics largely because of the current state type and of politics in Zambia causing almost all political parties struggling to find aspiring candidates.

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2 Responses to MMD counsels parties against violence, insults ahead of 2016 elections

  1. He “looks” like presidential material.Let him take over MMD.

    April 13, 2016 at 9:44 am

  2. hehehehehehe TOLILO i agree with you(presidential material indeed thru looks can be misleading

    April 13, 2016 at 12:02 pm

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