MISA blasts PF over threats on radio station

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Jewis Chabi

MISA Zambia has condemned threats by the PF to close K-FM radio in Mansa if it had gone ahead to host Chipili independent MP Jewis Chabi on their radio program on Thursday.

MISA Chairperson Hellen Mwale said her organisation condemns the actions of PF cadres who blocked the entrance to prevent the MP from engaging with public on radio.

Mwale described the behaviour of the ruling party cadres as uncalled for and an infringement on fundamental freedoms and rights.

“The radio station was scheduled to feature Hon Chabi on a paid up radio programme but unfortunately the PF cadres blocked the entry to the radio station and threatened with violence to close down the radio station,” Mwale said.

“As MISA Zambia we believe that the PF cadre’s behavior is uncalled for and an infringement on the fundamental freedoms and rights of citizens.

“The PF cadres are not the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) mandated by law to carry out oversight functions on conduct of broadcasting houses.

MISA Zambia believes that the threats issued by the PF cadres are a reflection or position of the PF party to close down media houses offering divergent views and information to the public in a democratic setting.”

She expressed concerned at the continued recurrence of such actions by the ruling party.

“We are further concerned that this incidence is not the first occurrence as we recorded a similar incident on 16th August, 2017 at Muchinga FM Radio in Chinsali District in the Northern province of Zambia, which received threats from some PF cadres after it featured Dr. Chishimba Kamwili on its Red-Carpet program which attracted a lot of attention and participation from the listeners. Subsequently, PF cadres on 14th December 2017, attacked 5FM radio in Lusaka for inviting Dr Chishimba Kambwili to feature on its ‘Burning Issue’ radio programme.

“The threats are an affront to the freedom of expression and media freedom and should be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians including the Patriotic Front (PF). We therefore call on the PF and police to bring to book the culprits and not pay a blind eye as it will encourage such acts and may result in self-censorship by the media.”

She demanded for immediate action from the PF.

“The PF must take immediate action as an expression of its commitment to the ideals of freedom of expression and that of the media which are critical to the well of democracy and ensuring good governance in the country.”

Yesterday Chabi was arrested by police after he pulled down flags of the PF in Mansa.


One Response to MISA blasts PF over threats on radio station

  1. But why this an uncalled for behavior mwe mbwa mwe ba PF ? This country does not belong to you alone mwe fipuba mwe but to all Zambians. And this so called cadreism in other countries ended way back a long time ago thus, why should it be tolerated in Zambia ? What surprises me is that the PF Party and it’ s government is always mute on such barbaric occurrences which undermine or infringe human rights. Does it mean Edgar Lungu and his whole bunch of PF Cadres both in government and those outside graces such animal like behavior ? Why should this nation be taken back to stone age mwe bantu ? I think as people in this country, time has come not to condone or tolerate every nonsense that comes along the way by these cadres simply because the President and his whole bunch of thugs thinks it’ s a good move as long as it strengthens their sticking to power. The law MUST visit those hooligans in Mansa who thinks this country belongs to PF and it’ s thug leaders.

    Pethias Mwansa
    December 23, 2017 at 6:29 am

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