Lungu’s hide in the rule of law facade not sustainable

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President Lungu

Maurice Makulu writes:

Amos Chanda is clever…impressed how he has briefed the press over the 7 man delegation EU sent to president lungu to discuss the political incarceration of HH.
The only problem is… even a chicken knows the arrest of HH is not rule of law… but fighting political opponents using the arms of government..
So as the PF hide behind the rule of law facade, they must know it’s not sustainable…so they must quickly end their persecution of HH and normalise things.
It’s too huge a reputation and economic risk to incarcerate HH for treason when he committed a traffic offense.
You can fool some people some time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
So President Lungu and his aides needs to keep their eyes on the clock. Their politics is endangering the country’s image and reputation.

6 Responses to Lungu’s hide in the rule of law facade not sustainable

  1. But the aides are illiterates they do not understand the implications of the actions. The ball is in court of the political and economic advisers to the president

    The Political Sycophant
    May 19, 2017 at 9:50 pm

  2. We can all see thru Amos Chanda’s Propaganda.We can all clearly see that Lungu is using the Police and the Courts to fight those with divergent views from his. HH is In Jail today becoz he beat Lungu in the 2016 Election, he has Petitioned the Election Results and he has refused to recognize Lungu as Legitimate President b4 the Petition is heard in Court. That is why Lungu is saying that if HH withdraws the Petition from Court and recognizes Lungu as Legitimate President he will be released from Jail. HH has not committed any crime let alone Treason.Now EU and SADC are pushing for HH’s unconditional release from Jail and the beginning of Dialogue between Lungu and HH. The solution is to Hear the Petition and let an impartial Court declare a way forward. Lungu is afraid of the Petition Hearing Process becoz he knows he did not win the 2016 Election ;he stole it and in the process abrogated the Zambian Constitution. Hearing the Petition to Lungu is as good as committing political suicide. No impartial Court will ever declare Lungu as the Winner of the 2016 Election. There lies Lungu’s Dilemma.

    May 20, 2017 at 6:41 am

  3. lungu knows he lost the elections and just wishes the whole thing fades away but alas it will haunt him even in his grave. let us hear the case and people and not necesarily the courts will be the real judges. ayopa ciani kansi lungu. kususha ngomwa ni kuivulila(meaning to convince an impotent man is for a woman to adress for him}

    May 20, 2017 at 11:21 am

  4. Those who thought Lungu is a man of God and a Christian must be shocked. Lungu is a Sadist and enjoys mocking others and see them suffer in pain.Lungu lost last year’s election and is in power illegally. The Loser of the Election is illegally in State House with no shame and has arrested the Winner of the Election on Trumped Up charges and has thrown HH in Jail with no evidence of committing Treason. The Loser is now in charge and calling the shots. Lungu having stolen HH’s Election Victory is now mocking HH and insisting that HH must apologize for the stolen Election, withdraw the Petition from the Court and recognize him as the legitimate President. Can u imagine a doubtful Father telling a doubtful Child to recognize him as his biological Father b4 undergoing a DNA Test? How callous can Lungu be? The normal practice is for the Father and Child to go for the DNA Test so that the results can show whether the Father is the Child’s Biological Father or not. If Lungu had truly won the 2016 Presidential Election he would have produced his DNA Election Petition Certificate by now.The victim of the Election Theft is willing to have the Election Petition heard in Court b4 an impartial Court but Lungu the Vote Thief doesn’t want the Petition heard and has been blocking the Petition Hearing since September 2016.How arrogant can one get? In Lungu u have a Sadist,a hypocrite and a Pagan. Christians for Lungu must be ashamed of this Sadist and a Pagan.

    May 20, 2017 at 3:38 pm

  5. Don’t UPD know that there is no president in zambia but HH! If they do why complain , so in the absence of a president the law remains the guide and the police become the leader sinc the power is transferred to them.

    May 22, 2017 at 8:46 am

  6. Nothing but only the truth shall set Zambia free. If i was asked to carry out a pilot research study on this topic, the justification for my study would be as follow- “Any actions that contravenes the rule of law jeopardizes Zambia’s democratic progress, threatening Zambia’s future stability and prosperity?” And i would come up with research questions that address the real issues about the rule of law in Zambia. My research questions would predominantly be based on real issues such as democratic accountability, the run-up and aftermath to last year’s elections e.g.,
    (1) Has government and its security forces detained opposition figures without legal justification, harassed their supporters, and intimidated the media? (2) Has government passed legislation restricting the operations of NGOs, banning them from acting against the “interests of Zambia?

    Dr Imasiku Liamunga
    May 23, 2017 at 4:30 am

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