Lungu has no vision

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Lungu dancing in ChurchDear Editor,
I was surprised 4 days ago, I wanted to hear the vision of our president, so that we could make a meaningful choice. This was very important to me, because hunger or poverty applies to everyone, at the end of the day; whether one supports the ruling party or opposition. Whatever the incumbent is bragging about was the latest plans. I was shocked, instead of telling us his plans, he started talking about HH and GBM. And we going to eat HH and GBM, if he’s re-elected? Then he concluded the meeting by referring the electorates to read the manifesto booklet. Where are those books? Are they free? How many zambians can access them? And are they able to find time to read them? Not to mention the illiteracy level which is in the country. With due respect , to me, it showed that he had no vision for zambians still. Believe me or not if we make a similar mistake, we shall cry whether you are in the opposition or not.

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  1. Even A Deaf Will Conclude By Actions.Only Ministers And Dcz Will Vote For Pf Because They Ar Afraid Of Losing Their Jobs

    Mr X
    June 8, 2016 at 9:53 am

    • Lungu doesn’t have vision completely. Look, because people have been talking about his poverty before he PF formed government in 2011, he goes to file in with clear evidence of theft or corruption on his part. This is good evidence for removal of his immunity and arrest after he loses power in August. No vision just childish competition with GBM and HH.

      June 8, 2016 at 7:51 pm

  2. agreeably HH is not in government. But you and I know that HH is in business just like Dangote.
    You and I also know that cement was costing K90 per 50kg bag before Dangote came on the scene. When he came on the scene he put his cement at K47 per 50kg bag compelling the other two players, namely Chilanga and Zaabezi to reduce too. This, in fact, happened when the kwacha was diving down and it was expected that prices should have been shooting up – but they came down for cement. Right now it is costing K53 per bag.
    Now, was Dangote in government?
    Did government change policies to enable even Chilanga and Zambezi to bring prices down?
    This belief that the government is the one to do everything and think that you and I are not a stakeholder to bringing change has caused this country to stagnate. Surely, should we expect the government to weep our houses?
    As a successful business man Dongote believes that, when it is in his power and capacity to do so, it is a moral obligation to pass the benefit to the consumer. HH and GBM are equally business men just like Dangote, but what can we point at as coming from them the way everyone can point at what Dangote has done. Sontapo remains a fair deal for anyone who wants to lead.
    So you are overrating yourself by thinking you are the only one who understands how the economy works. Don’t tell me that Dangote does not understand, but only you and HH understand how the economy works.
    In your contribution you don’t need to be fair to me, but at least be fair to yourself.

    June 9, 2016 at 7:04 am

  3. This one is tricky.. Where has the power come from now? This is scarery 4 the people of Zambia to continue just like that minus looking back how things have been in the past.The power is in the people’s hands to either choose to suffer and remain poor or become comfortable at some point in life.

    June 9, 2016 at 11:29 am

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