Lungu has lowered the integrity of the presidency – UPND

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Stephen Katuka

It is shocking how the presidency under Edgar Lungu has been trivialised, UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka has lamented.

Commenting on the revelations of grand corruption in President Lungu’s government by the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) in its 2017 report, Katuka wondered how much more evidence President Lungu needs to address corruption in his government.

“With so many corruption reports emerging from the Transparency International , Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) and online media, we expect Edgar Lungu who challenged citizens to take corruption evidence to him a few months ago to quickly address the rampant corruption in his government,” Katuka said in a statement Wednesday.

He charged that President Lungu is a product of corruption who does not know the difference between corrupt deals and lawful deals.

“Unfortunately, Lungu’s failure to fight corruption is simply one of the greatest achievements the Patriotic Front (PF) have made so far,” Katuka said, adding that the whole nation knows that PF is synonymous with corruption.

Katuka observed that the late Levy Mwanawasa set the bar to high in the fight against corruption.

“Late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, may his soul rest in peace, raised the bar too high for people like Edgar Lungu.

“Unresolved fire tender saga, high cost of road construction, unrealistic cost of ambulances, land deals, unaccounted for money revealed in the FIC report and stolen elections are but a few things that Zambians have witnessed in the past.

“It is a well known fact by now that Lungu’s lack of vision is yielding fruits for all to see,” Katuka said.

He charged that President Lungu is now an embarrassment to the world as there is nothing he can point out to as pro-poor projects.

“He has destroyed almost everything that his predecessors worked for.

“Lungu has created a violent nation in a christian nation.

“He has made some poor Zambians think violence and theft are a lifestyle.”

He lamented that a lot is going wrong on daily basis in the country, adding that there is no hope for Zambia under Lungu.

“The report by Jesuit Centre for Theological reflection for the 2018 first quarter also shows that under Lungu, the cost of living is still as high as over k4,800 for a family of five. Lungu found the cost of living basket at around K2,500. Sadly , the average income of citizens remain around k1,500 to k3000.Yet all these are a normal phenomena for Lungu and the PF.

“Inflation moved from 7.4 percent in April to 7.8 percent in May, showing an increase of about 0.4 percent as published by Central Statistics Office(CSO).

“Unfortunately, PF is clueless to even know what is happening to the economy.”

Katuka wondered why there has to be violence every time there’ an election.

“Whenever the nation goes for polls, citizens have to shed blood as if they are still struggling for independence.

“This behavior is only normal under Edgar Lungu.

“When the UPND comes into power, we shall return integrity to the presidency.”

He has since challenged Zambians to continue speaking out and hold Lungu accountable for ruining the country.



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  1. The issue of corruption in Zambia seems to be difficult even for prosecution authorities. People involved in corruption are not ordinary citizens, they are the most educated and play their games smart – no trace of their corruption. But, the investigating authorities must be smarter and, to reach that level, they must acquire specialized training and skills. Maybe they should try to train with such organisations as Scotland Yards.

    Talking about late President Mwanawasa and his corruption ‘crusade’, I am not sure how many corruption cases were successfully prosecuted during his reign. Unfortunately his fight against corruption was mainly centred on Chiluba whom he tried to pin down using a special force called the Taskforce on Corruption. Did this force succeed? In my view, No, is the answer.

    The moment we start to cage the grand masters of corruption, that will start to send shivers in the minds of the corrupted, and would-be corrupted. There are countries that are succeeding in corruption fight. Examples abound, closer home, we have Tanzania under President Magufuli – a no nonsense man; in Malaysia the ‘new’ Prime Minister there has caged several big wigs soon after getting back into office. If we had someone like these two examples, we will start witnessing change in this fight.

    June 14, 2018 at 9:26 am

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