Lungu and his puppet Kampyongo will set the country on fire, warns GBM

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UPND Vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has warned that President Lungu and his Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo will set the country on fire if they continue hiring thugs to attack the opposition.

GBM stated this in his account below of how he was attacked in Muchinga province on Saturday night.



After a successful tour of the Muchinga Province to drum up support for our candidates in the up-coming by elections in Mafinga’s, Kakoma Ward, Chinsali’s Mikunku Ward in Mulilansolo andfinally Shiwangandu’s Kalebe Ward, the evil of the puppet Kampyongo emerged once more. The entourage I led did not encounter any problems with thugs at all the three wards, but on leaving Shiwang’andu lawlessness was apparent and with deadly intentions by PF thugs on instructions by Kampyongo, as we were pursued by about 3 Land cruisers laden with thugs wielding pangas, axes and guns and shooting at us on a chase through Chinsali to Matumbo in Shiwang’andu along the Great North Road where they had barricaded the road with all sorts of items, including logs, bins and other obstacles with an intention to ambush us with the other thugs that they had placed at the barricade. One of the vehicles in our entourage carrying media personnel had the tyre shot at the barricade and the driver beaten by the thugs as media personnel scampered in all directions to seek safe refuge with some spending the night in the bush.


President Lungu at State House

We are reliably informed that, fitting his modus operandi on such incidents as in the past, this was orchestrated by non-other than Steven Kampyongo, Minister of Home Affairs in Lungu’s Government and Shiwang’andu MP, as well as, their national Youth Chairman and certainly with Lungu’s blessings.
Information reaching us is that realising that the PF will not win any of the 3 wards being contested in Muchinga Province which really has been their last standing stronghold and Kampyongo’s supposed bedroom, he hired thugs from outside the Province to carry out his evil plan.
Information emerging is that Andrew Kampyongo, his young brother organised known thugs and provided funds to a Chanda Senseta at Matumbo the previous day with the collaboration of Shiwang’andu District Commissioner Evelyn Kangwa. A horde of thugs that include Chad, an employee at RATSA in Lusaka and his brother Mweshi, Clive a secondary school teacher from Kabwe, Matthew a door bouncer from a club at Matero junction and lives in Kanyama and others were tasked to actually cause harm to my colleagues and I.
Kampyongo has lost grip on his constituency and his supporters have all joined UPND, he is irrelevant to them now and they would not even assist him with his evil plans as before and therefore he had to import thugs and hire a few drunken jobless youths instead. In his quest to show relevance to his peers he has become mad with power as Home Affairs Minister and is clearly abusing this role.
We would like to pay our gratitude to the Police of Muchinga, particularly Mpika who acted professionally by giving us escort through Mpika after what seemed that a situation was going to escalate in that town too, after the District Commissioner Katebe had mobilised thugs too, to ambush us there. Katebe even had the audacity to come to where we were with Police, clad in a PF hoodie and driving a GRZ Hilux and went on to ordering the Police to deal with us, as well as, reinforcing thugs. He was so infuriated when the Police informed him that their role was to protect us and provide us a safe passage, where DC Katebe then clearly stated that he had to consult with Kampyongo.
Now let me make it clear, unless you Kampyongo was born to perpetually be a Minister or an MP, which clearly you will lose, as the good people of Shiwang’andu have shown you, then God save you. You have committed so many crimes including the infamous Fire Tender saga and others against humanity with the help of your President. You are so weak that you abuse your authority both in your party as Youth Chairman to use vulnerable youths to carry out your deadly and evil plans. Your loss of popularity is your own making. You are incompetent and your only role at the Ministry is to use institutions under the Ministry to settle yours and Lungu’s personal scores. That’s your only relevance there.
If you continue, both you and Lungu will plunge this country into total chaos and scourge. Reflect young man, you came from the streets but you may not go back there after your tenure, but clad in an orange uniform for a very long time in one of the institutions you are abusing right now.
As for Civil servants, such as Katebe and Kangwa, your tenure is also dependent on Lungu’s and Kampyongo’s tenure after that you are on your own and you will surely face the consequences.
As for the thugs, Andrew Kampyongo, Chad, Mweshi, Chanda Senseta, Clive, Matthew and others, just know we are watching you and we know you.
Edgar Lungu you have clearly shown lack of leadership, to allow small crooks such as Kampyongo have a free will in carrying out these activities, and this convinces us, that you are the architect yourself…
Finally, we will not relent and Kampyongo I am coming back for you soon and constantly until you are totally irrelevant both to the constituents and party as well as in cabinet. I promise you.
I am now in Kalulushi and Mufulira drumming more support for our candidates there too.


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  1. I G Kakoma let see your kid gloves off.

    April 23, 2018 at 8:49 am

  2. Red is for danger and whoever wears red is a dangerous lot. Red is fire. Blue is love. Fat Albert think of it positively.

    senior bino
    April 23, 2018 at 10:17 am

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