Live: Kambwili addressing a ward campaign rally

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NDC shadow leader Chishimba Kambwili drumming up support for the opposition NDC candidate Alick Sakala in the Kansunswa ward by-election in Mufulira Saturday afternoon.



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  1. Polite advice to Mr Kambwili,
    Please sir, take very serious introspection. Lately you have been vexed with a myriad of mind disorienting issues. Currently may be, am not sure; your health is not fit to handle the political lane of life. My humble advice is, let politics alone, there’s more to life than politics. Dedicate your energy to developing your family and those under your shadow. Politics will harm you. Resist the temptation if being the lone hunter surrounded by a pride of hungry lions ready to make you supper mean while all you have is a mouth to shout’ help,help, some body help me.’This won’t help you in the long run of things. Just ditch politics and live your life quietly with your family. You will find that very refreshing…. Politics is bad, that’s why it’s a dangerous lane to travel in. Again I emphasise, there is more to life than politics. Leave politics before it messes you up. Love your family more…..These are my thoughts….

    The Watchman
    April 22, 2018 at 9:09 am

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