Kasama PF must stop the barbaric, draconian, old fashioned politics of suppressing Freedom of Expression – MISA

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We have learnt with deep shock the arbitrary suppression of freedom of expression being exhibited by the democratically elected PF government in our country and we immediately call for the reversal of this unbecoming trend.
We have information that an accountable number of armed state police in both uniform and plain clothes were this morning deployed at Radio Mano in Kasama in an effort to thwart area MP Geoffrey Mwamba from featuring on a paid for programme. We also note with sadness that journalists were held captive and not allowed to move out or enter the Radio Station.
This development in addition to other recorded infringements on the media that have been committed by the PF in it’s two years of being in office speaks volume of their desire to suppress freedom of expression and eventually drain our democracy. This is the fifth time this year that the citizens of this country are being barred from featuring on the Radio Station.
MISA would therefore like to appeal to government to immediately stop this barbaric, draconian and old fashioned type of politics.
We would want to state as MISA that the media in Zambia stands by the preamble as enshrined in our Zambian constitution which embodies the principles of openness, transparency and upholding of democratic principles and as such the media is there to provide a platform for any citizen who has information to disseminate.
Therefore, the government of the day must equally abide by these principles and be tolerant to divergent views. The deployment of police at the first ever community radio in the province which was widely used by the PF while in opposition amounts to gross abuse of the security forces and is unlawful under the laws of Zambia.
We demand that this abuse and harassment of journalists must stop immediately.

As MISA we would like to remind the Police that theirs is not to be used to harass and intimidate the citizens but rather to offer protection to the people of Zambia including those that are perceived as enemies of the ruling PF.

MISA- Zambia National Governing Council

Hellen Mwale
Acting Chairperson


4 Responses to Kasama PF must stop the barbaric, draconian, old fashioned politics of suppressing Freedom of Expression – MISA

  1. Dictator…Dictator…run mama Zambia run..

    December 29, 2013 at 3:57 am

  2. We have talked, written, and these government has given us deaf hear to our cries. You the MISA are also toothless. Why can’t we just team up with demonstrations and crushes with police, if it means blood to spill let it be. Desperate pipo do desperate things and freedom has never been gained easily just by nice speaches to dictatorship such as SAta.

    December 29, 2013 at 5:45 am

  3. Kasama is a no-go-area for democracy, freedom of the press, expression and association.

    Chipimo Junior, HH and now GBM. There could be more we do not know. KASAMA, Kasama, KASAAMAAA –

    Let me say this...
    December 29, 2013 at 7:34 am

  4. “When I was a kid, I used to cry whenever my mum or day tried to hide away a knife to protect me from harming myself, not realizing that their actions were preventive, they were for my own good”.

    The police today are talking about “preventing a confusion!”. Don’t you think some of GBM’s detractors would simply want to remove (him – the source of that confusion) from society? Where is Waza, Tembo etc?

    Please allow a responsible government to restore normalcy or order.
    I wish GMB could cease sparring with GRZ. He might regret it if he will be there. This is Africa…..

    December 29, 2013 at 9:25 am

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