Kampyongo suffers setback in Shiwang’andu

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More than 600 youths from a PF-inclined non governmental organisation in Shiwang’andu have defected to the UPND citing the failure by the PF to honour youth empowerment programs.

Luapula Muchinga Northern (LUMUNO) youth project Chairman Ackim Mulenga says his group has decided to leave the PF as their efforts to engage both area member of parliament Steven Kampyongo and the provincial administration have yielded no positive results hence frustrating the youth group.

Mulenga who is also Kampyongo’s brother in law said the youths of shiwangandu have been frustrated by the selfishness of the PF and it’s leadership that has opted to neglect the youth group that worked so hard to put the power into government.

Speaking after being released from detention where he was arrested at the instigation of Kampyongo and his young brother Andrew for joining the UPND, Mulenga said time has come for the people especially youths of Shiwangandu to join a team that will respond to their needs unlike being used for personal gain.

He expressed gratitude to the UPND and it’s vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba that has agreed to provide the group with incentives for empowerment and pledged to ensure that the UPND becomes a household name in the northern block of the country.

He accused Kampyongo of being self centred and being behind the complete destruction of the PF in the area.

And Shiwangandu UPND district chairman Pascal Kangwa expressed delight at the growth rate of the party in the district and urged PF members to consider national development above personal interests.

Meanwhile,UPND Shiwangandu 2016 parliamentary candidate Elias Mubanga said the lack of development especially in the countryside has eroded the confidence of the PF in the people and called on the UPND membership to turn the party into a grassroot mass movement.

Mubanga said the goodwill exhibited by the people so far shows that the UPND is the only alternative to the PF mismanaged social and economic sectors of the country hence the need to embrace everyone.

others that joined UPND include Kampyongo’s internal security team led by Bright Mwaba,Francis Makumbi and Mike Mulenga.

This is the team that led the assault on the UPND campaign helicopters in 2015 and 2016.



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