Kambwili’s corruption the reason Mongu Stadium project failed – Munir Zulu

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President Edgar Lungu puts the hat on Munir Zulu after he won the bid

PF cadre Munir Zulu has alleged that Chishimba Kambwili is as a corrupt businessman who swindled him and others including Chinese nationals doing business in Zambia out of thousands of dollars.

And Zulu says the Mongu Stadium has not been built because of the Roan MP’s corrupt dealings.

“The Mongu Stadium Contract failed to take off because Kambwili swindled the Chinese Company Wah Kong enterprise , the company that constructed the Ndola Stadium, off 300 thousand dollars as his commission,” Zulu told a media briefing at Chrismar Hotel in Lusaka on Monday

Zulu stated that the mongu stadium was the first major project to be cancelled at award level and re advertised.

“But Because Chishimba Kambwili did not eat more from the Chinese guys, he managed to re advertise it.”

Zulu challenged the media to go to the Ministry of works and supply as well as the Ministry of Sports and find out how the contract was cancelled then re advertised by Kambwili.

“Is this not the same Kambwili that had asked for 500,000 dollars And is it not the reason why the mongu stadium has not taken shape today?” Zulu quetioned.

“He ate the commission and later said there was no money to finance the project. But as a Minister incharge, why would you recommend for technocrats to come up with tender or bid documents, people buy, you swindle them off more than 300 thousand dollars then say there is no money to complete the project?”

And Zulu refused to believe Kambwili wanted to be a champion of corruption today when he was the most corrupt person he had ever met stating that he himself had been a victim of Kambwili’s swindling tactics.

Zulu made headlines earlier this year when he bought President Edgar Lungu’s hat for a staggering K185,000 during an auction. He was recently in the news when a video of he and his henchmen exchanging punches with traffic police officers went viral.


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  1. But why are you talking about CK? How do you even come into this deal? First explain how you got involvement in a government deal.

    October 3, 2017 at 8:14 am

  2. Western Province ought to be developed.
    I urge President ECL and his Opposition HH to dialogue and come up with an international justice mechanism to probe and reform ZIALE and LAZ. I have observed the majority of Zambian lawyers lacking in human rights and humanitarian law, integrity and professionalism. Deception is their way of litigation and it really makes me sad to see my own countrymen sinking so lawlessness., in abuse of their professions. I have worked with young motivated professionals in my international, career and really, Zambian Lawyers need to work on building their integrity and abide to their professional code of ethics and the cause of justice.

    More specifically, I need the Zambian Lawyers who manufactured vexatious suits as methods of racketeering and money laundering activities on my UN benefit entitlement to be criminally processed and their Legal Licences to be with drawn, indefinitely. They must face such serious consequences and this will deter unprofessionalism and improve the legal profession in Zambia.

    I need the UN Security Council, the African Union, SADC, the President and the UPND Zambian leaders, to tell those Lawyers that: eligibility for a UN benefit entitlement is only by becoming a UN staff member or an eligible dependant spouse or child of the UN staff member, and not otherwise.

    And those that manufactured the vexatious suits in which they deceived and inflicted fraud on the Court as methods of depriving me of whatever I came back from the UN offended their professions, the rule of law, the UN Charter and Customary International law, and they have to face an international justice mechanism for such illegality, and those vexatious suits they funnelled and spirited in abuse of the court process; are part of the bulky exhibits to be used against them in the criminal proceedings.

    As their victim, I am laying criminal charges against lawyers, Gilbert Phiri, Makebi Zulu and his Advocates; and 8 other Lawyers and their alleged accomplices, who all conspired and worked in a systematic fashion to manufacture the vexatious suits, pillaging me of my belongings indiscriminately and torturing and enslaving me to be attending to their vexatious suits, whilst extorting su still amounts of money from me.

    It is a fact that since they cannot join the UN, they also cannot enjoy UN benefits. Whatever they engaged in to deprive me of the luxury they envied, is fraudulent and shall be accounted for.

    I am also pressing Charges against ZIALE and the LAZ, for qualifying and giving Licences to persons who used them irresponsibly to manufacture vexatious suits and abuse the court process to steal what justice wouldn’t give them, as I believe that both ZIALE and LAZ have the obligation of recruiting persons of the highest integrity and competence, and to monitor them to adhere to a strict code of professional code of ethics during their entire legal profession; and to hold them accountable and debar them, when they break their code if truth and honour to the Court

    Since, I have observed overwhelming lack of professionalism and integrity in the Lawyers that conspired and stole and extorted from me in abuse of their professions and the court process. I am seeking their prosecution by an International justice mechanism. Then dereliction of duty by ZIALE and LAZ to qualify and maintain such high integrity, led to my rights being grossly violated. As such, I believe that both LAZ and ZIALE, are liable to both civil and criminal actions. It should be noted that dereliction of duty amounts to Actus Rea. Then Administratively, they must reform. It’s like try armed militia with all sorts of weapons to harm the population. The implicated Lawyers abused their legal profession and stole from me in abuse of the court process and state machinery and they passed the rackets and money laundering acts through the courts in their efforts to legitimise their ill gotten proceeds, because of so many deficiencies in the Rule of Law in Zambia. . It will thus be fair to have them criminally processed by an independent and impartial justice mechanism. It’s inhuman and immoral what they did and I didn’t go to the UN to benefit local lawyers who cannot even complete a UN resume. It’s disheartening to be pillaged by commoners, as UN internationally recruited staff members work so hard to get on board the UN and are posted to hardship areas where others cannot even go to, and where others got killed. The dialogue by the Zambian President and his opposition, ought to look effectively at such irresponsible acts and hold their cadres to account and I am really complaining to the UNSC to instil discipline in Zambia. I didn’t risk all those dangers fir pillagers.

    Then I am asking the UK and the Commonwealth envoy to include this issue in the support they are giving to Zambia in the dialogue process. There is a crisis here, and I also need all the proceeds of crime laundered into the UK and other jurisdictions even in form of nursing work or university studies, weddings and degrees of their children, to be traced, trailed and nullified, as such are proceeds of crime, and they are breeding provocation in us, their victims. Every recipient of such proceeds or any one who aided and abetted must face the consequences. Then compounding such felonies ought to be accounted for as well.

    It is inhuman and immoral for others to live on someone else’s UN career. They grossly infringed on my rights, including my right to life and they must face indefinite sanctions, and the consequences of committing such heinous crimes, corporate, occupational; and all other forms of fraud and serious crimes, ought to be dealt with seriously and effectively.

    I also need the RSTA’s Songowayo Zyambo and his staff, including any at the ZRA and Zambia Plice( if any); who aided Gilbert Phiri and/or Makebi Zulu’ team and others to change ownership of my motor vehicles(ALL 5381), without my consent; to be added to the list of international suspects in such conspiracy. They cannot legitimise such thefts by abusing the court process. It’s the injustice which the two Zambian leaders must table down, dialogue and come up with measures of how to eradicate and account for. I appeal to the International civil society to locate the recipient and one in possession of the Jeep Grand Cherokee in such registration/ or changed one; and bring them to account.mThey must be criminally processed for being in possession of stollen motor vehicle or property believed to have been unlawfully obtained/ receiving stollen property; aiding and abetting racketeering and money laundering acts as well as crimes against humanity. ZRA and RSTA must correct their books with any change of ownership of such vehicle from I,M the original owner. Even Interpol should trace and trail it if it was taken outside the jurisdiction,mans dereliction of duty to do do; will be added to the criminal charges.

    The Bank of Zambia and PACRA are also urged to deal with the micro financing and companies that engaged in racketeering and money laundering activities. No one must be allowed to get away with impunity. They targeted an International Investigator with their illegal acts. I detected their crimes and reported and they must face the law, and make good on restitution for the loss they caused me, lost injury time, pillaging, enslavement, torture and assault.

    Even the communities of Zambia can police themselves, by indent icing criminal trends Nd activities and mobilise resources of holding the perpetrators of such crimes accountable. The Police have been so disappointing because of their lacking in skills and envying me when I join d the UN. No one should allow them to abuse their positions to satisfy their own envy, malice and jealousy.

    I also need the UN SC, AU, SADC and the Commonwealth Secretariat to take note of the unacceptable gender viol nice in such conspiracy,mot the extent of police troops who saw me at the UN missions, coming back home Nd inciting the violence on me, and providing aggravated robberies to the pillagers; just because I am female. UNPOL must reform and stop deploying Zambia Police troops until they account for the gross human rights inflicted on me, and this call goes to the Host countries and the International Civil Society to make sure that such sanctions are imposed on Zambia Police troops. We have another extremist terrorist group formed here in Zambia, which includes the implicated lawyers and those Police Officers, especially those that met me at the UN mission,mane returned to invite the violence on me.

    The gender violence on me extended to recruitment of relatives of a dead man whom I broke up from in 1993, and returned his dowry then. Such relatives were recruited as part of the conspiracy that pillaged me , when their relative never even achieved what I did, in his life, and I was not married with him, and he did not even contribute to anything that I achieved, but just because they come from the same Province with the President, and they are scamsters, they were recruited and joined the conspiracy on gender inferiority complex, to reduce me to what Zi am not. Such gender violence is subject to universal jurisdiction and I need them to account criminally too.

    It’s important for the two leaders to take advantage of the dialogue process and for them to do the needful, than to let the matter escalate and to attract another international intervention. Which is more likely to be forced and militarised. The world cannot look on whilst we are inflicted injustices in abuse.. …..

    Sabotage victim
    October 3, 2017 at 12:34 pm

  3. If CK engaged in corrupt deals why was he not arrested and sued in Court? How can the State pay CK’s company for No work done? CK has encouraged Kampyongo and Lungu to sue him if they feel his allegations are false. Lungu’s Corrupt and theiving Record speaks for itself. Its on record that Lungu stole a client’s money and LAZ de-registered him as a Practicing Lawyer. Its not a Secret that for Lungu to ascend to the PF Presidency Lungu cheated and used violence. To win Presidential Election in 2015 & 2016 Lungu rigged the Elections. It is therefore not surprising that Lungu’s Corrupt culture has increased in 2017. After stealing votes Lungu has established himself as a thieving President. Lungu as CK said has established himself as a corrupt President.Lungu gets a Cut in all corruption deals executed by the Lungu govt.As CK said Lungu is now a habitual Thief and Crook. The Firefighter Tender must contributed to his Propensity to steal steal is very high. After close to 3 years Lungu as State President Lungu is now filthy rich from govt contracts. Clearly Lungu is now a liability to Zambia and very corrupt Leader.

    October 3, 2017 at 12:53 pm

  4. Zulu, You are the useful idiot we always talk about , how do you come in now , you think we are dull to listen you . now tribe is in full swing working . you are paid to destroy the evidence . why didn’t you take him to police the very time he swindled you ? this is childish , cho chise type of politicking , you can wonder the way this people in Govt hove taken people of Zambia for , Docility should non’t be an added advantage . you steal in the bedroom you bring it out side . they say don’t quarrel with a fool , so if Kambwili is a fool , you people in Govt are the worst fools . Even you Zuru you are a Shameless , useless thief,If Kambwili was corrupt you could have arrested him a long time ago .We know you will arrest him after cocking a case like the one you cocked for innocent HH . God is watching . Bapompwe munshibila nsala . Nechakumulya chalibula . Nensoni shimulye . mwalitinina Lunshipamenso . Amano yabula Noko wemwana tetiuyamone . LEKA!!!!

    October 3, 2017 at 1:02 pm

  5. Now we know the people from eastern provinces tribalism

    October 4, 2017 at 6:57 am

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