Kambwili most hypocritical politician

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GBM with Kambwili visiting HH

Chishimba Kambwili is the most hypocritical political leader ever seen today.When he was eating at the govt plates he failed to defend Zambian workers especially servants and Miners but rather praised president Lungu leadership.

Can a normal person today begin to believe Kambwili over his statements during prime TV interviews? Am Very surprised for CK today to say elections was not true and fair when he was the right handyman saying president Lungu was chosen by God and those who don’t agree with 2016 should swallow their pride and wait for 2021.
If CK had sided with the Zambian people when he was holding that ministerial positions I could believe him today but the man canned every divergent voice..Zambian lets be serious over this man who is vulnerable today. CK was only relevant when mr Sata was alive but today I feel CK should be thrown into the political dustbin.He should not be taken seriously but rather as a man trying to win some little souls to win sympathy with Zambian people after losing ministerial position .CK should not blackmail anyone but lets treat him as an hypocritical politicians trying to survive because he has lost a ministerial positions in the pf govt.

Kambwili is not different from president Lungu in terms of bullying people as well as crushing people with different views..Ck fought very hard to have THE POST NEWSPAPER closed down and today over 2000 workers of THE POST are on the street because of Kambwili conduct.So Zambian especially us the opposition lets stop praising political hypocritical like CK.Fellow opposition its not about CK saying the right things today but its about being truthful and integrity in a leader that matters most.



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  1. Iwe musiye aulule may you also eating with Pf

    September 9, 2017 at 10:55 am

  2. Ba-Kambwili belamona kwati abantu ba mu Zambia tabakwata mano. Fyonse mwalelanda kubantu mwalemona kwati tafyakabwele. Ichefyenifye pakuti Lesa amibike apo-mufile ukuba.

    Kelvin Mbewe
    September 9, 2017 at 11:19 am

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