Kalaba hails Zambia-US relations

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Harry Kalaba

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba says the United States of America is a strategic bilateral partner to Zambia’s development agenda.

Kalaba says the USA has been an all-weather friend country from the time they recognized Zambia’s sovereignty and independence since 1964.

He says development projects being spearheaded by the Millennium Challenge Account and USAID have greatly improved the wellbeing of Zambia and as such the USA will remain relevant to the needs of the country.

Kalaba further urged Diplomats to ensure that economic diplomacy takes center stage to ensure value is realized for the money government is spending in missions abroad.

The Foreign Affairs minister has also urged Zambian diplomats to guard against the negative propaganda being propagated by social media to avoid being misled about Zambia’s good standing on the international market.

Kalaba says Zambia has scored positive strides and will continue with its good standing as a beacon of peace on the African continent and the world over.

He says Zambia has remained steadfast in promoting peace and security in the country and will endeavour to ensure regional peace in the Great Lakes region and Southern African Development Countries-SADC.

Kalaba says peace and tranquility is a prerequisite for any meaningful economic development.

Speaking to diplomats in Washington D.C, Kalaba also announced that Zambia is set to assume the chairmanship of SADC Troika on Politics, Defense, and Security.

“Three countries form the troika body; Angola is the Chair, Zambia is incoming and Tanzania is outgoing chair. So Zambia is now the incoming chair of the SADC troika on Politics, Defense, and Security for the period 2018-2019,” he said adding, “Zambia’s ascendancy to membership of the double Troika of the SADC Organ places the country on a good platform to promote peace and unity in the region.”

Kalaba further says Zambia will not only ensure regional stability but will also use its position as a member of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union-AU to foster peace on the continent.

He says Zambia’s foreign policy has greatly improved as evidenced by several State visits President Edgar Lungu has received from the time he assumed the office.

Meanwhile, Kalaba is saddened at the deplorable state of the Chancery at the Zambia Embassy in Washington D.C due to stalled renovation works. The minister, however, has pledged to ensure that funds are released for renovation to resume in the soonest possible time


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