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Graduating pupils

Graduating pupils


K.A.M Kindergardten Primary School, College of Education & Consultancy is currently enrolling in the following:

  • Early Childhood diploma in Teaching – Three years
  • Primary School Diploma in Teaching – Three years.
  • For Primary School, we are enrolling from Baby class to Grade 6.

K.A.M Early Childhood Teacher Training and Consultants was founded in 1998 on the premise that young children need expert education.

The overall objective of K.A.M Early Childhood and Training Consultants is to provide educational services for young children as well as training consultancies in order to respond effectively to constant demand in the highly turbulent social economic environment of the present times.

Pre-school class roomAs an educational institution, K.A.M is committed to assist young children through its expert instructions to develop their capacities and skills.



Computer lab

Computer lab

Since its establishment in 1998, k.a.m has educated and trained a lot of young children and provided expert consultancies to a number of organizations in the area of early childhood education.  In addition, the firm has well established and reliable clientele base and infrastructure in an area where no other schools and training centre exist.


K.A.M kindergarten and primary school, has three terms. Term one runs from January to March term two may to august and third term September to December.


Are available in all grades. The school policy is 50% girls 50% boys

Pre-admission assessment

Helps to ascertain the level of development of the children in the five domains of preschool child and in English and Maths in other class. Children are also assessed in reading.

Personal record

 Children with disabilities are admitted to learn together with normal counterparts.

Appropriateness of the curriculum

It is expected that all pupils admitted to KAM school and college should follow the the curriculum and take up the full programme of school courses and lessons.

At Admission the child should be:

      1½- 3 –baby class

      3½-4½-middle class

      4½-5½- pre-grade (reception class)

      5½-6½-grade one

      6½-7½grade 2

     7½-8½grade 3

      8½-9½ grade 4

    9½-10½ grade 5

     10½-11½ grade 6

     11½-12½ grade 7


Principal’s office +260967221649 /Email: Kamkindergaten@gmail.com   /Address: Plot 34587/917 and 34588/917, Nationalist Road Kamwala South, Lusaka.

For more details visit KMS official website on this link here.

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  1. This is an amazing school. friendly teachers disciplined pupils. Educations does get better than this.

    I highly recommend taking your child to this school for a better future..

    February 24, 2016 at 4:28 am

  2. my daugther was the first intake of Grade 7 in 2007 while at Waddington ST Peters

    April 19, 2016 at 4:33 pm

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