Is HH’s international appeal beneficial to him?

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By Mwamba Peni II

I have been a student of Political Philosophy and International Political Economy for years. Therefore, the interaction between the state, as a sovereign territorial unit, and the market, as a coordinating mechanism where buyers and sellers exchange goods and services and output levels determined by supply and demand, has always fascinated my intellectual persuasions. We normally associate the state with political pursuit of power, and the market with the economic pursuit of wealth. However, the state also has an interest in accumulating wealth, and the market is not totally removed from power considerations. Consequently, an inherent tension exists between the state and the market because the market’s association with economic openness and the removal of state barriers poses a threat to state sovereignty.

I have time and again being asked by those with special political interests: “how is HH going to benefit from appearing before international media? Why can’t he go and address potential voters in Luwingu? Will those people in South Africa or England vote for him.” To answer these questions, one has to understand how the interplay of both politics and economy at the global level and how that affects the same at an individual country level. If you look at it from the myopic point of view, you might be right to say HH is wasting his time to go and feature on a Television programme in the UK or South Africa. Suffice to say, human beings generally interpret reality differently depending on whether they view them from a shanty compound in Chipata or from a top University lecture room in London. From the global political perspective, there are expected general rules of engagement of any country that wish to call itself progressive such as; respect for the rule of Law, transparency, accountability, a rigorous fight against corruption, press freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, political stability and periodic, free and fair elections among others. On the global economic front, fair trade, floating currencies (determined by market forces and not manipulation), policy predictability, policy consistency, respect for private property and business and openness to foreign investment amongst others.

While it is easy to tell and project how a particular country would fair on the political scale as mentioned above, it is very difficult to do so on the economic scale especially for individuals who have never held power before. Hence, for the market to trust you, you must be a graduate from one of the Ivy League Universities. If you are, even if they do not know you, they take it for granted that all the values required in a leader from both sides of the coin were engrained in you when you went to school. If you are from these local Universities taught by Lecturers who keep on photocopying other people’s works because they incapable of producing books let alone academic articles, you will always be a suspect regardless of the grades you got. Unfortunately, that is how it is, you can either hang if you don’t like the rules or go by the rules.

Having being an astute consultant and successful businessman compounded by his studies at Birmingham University, (when you give credit where it is due, you are a follower of that person. When you criticize, you hate the person. Our country has now reached the highest level of mediocrity) HH understands the role of the market in a national state and the advantage of being known. The market supports its own, individuals they know will not threaten their businesses by coming up with haphazard policies and regulations. They are able to trust someone with either experience or an understanding of the role of the market in the nation state. And this does not mean that when they support someone, they will necessarily ask for business favours. Most of these companies are not personal to holder. They are neither make shift, Tutemba, entities. They are beyond the direct or command of one individual. And since they are listed on the stock exchange, issues of kickbacks are far flung from reality. To sum it all, being exposed to the market may work to the advantage of HH if he was elected as President as investors would know what policies he would pursue when in power. Whether those policies would work for the benefit of a common person is beyond this topic.


4 Responses to Is HH’s international appeal beneficial to him?

  1. Well said mukashana

    Ba Luapula
    November 3, 2017 at 6:55 am

  2. Every one has his own opinion about our politicians, but what matters is to win the general public to your side then you get what you are focusing on in politics ; better you cast your nets where you will catch fish.
    Thinking about the little things many people avoid , In the nutshell most of our friends don’t just spend time on anything unless there is something to gain .
    When Balfour chose to create a state for Israel 100years ago , he thought Jews were going to be useful for him to touch whole world .
    Many people dwell on the shallow thoughts while others dig deeper.
    It is true HH will gain but he will lose more than he will gain , may be even the whole nation will be at a loss.

    November 3, 2017 at 3:32 pm

  3. Ba nshilimubemba I think your head is expired you need another head for you to catch up with real issues,I know you defend what you stole but rule of law and to follow the constitution is very important to be successful in economic, democracy and development of the nation and quenching poverty in our nation, democracy is there when petition is allowed, government institutions operate impartially, so stop thinking like bustards.

    November 3, 2017 at 6:07 pm

  4. Nothing goes away in life in developed countries cases committed 100years ago are still alive , and people are being imprisoned even today for cases committed 30 to 40years.
    How do we forget what hurt our nation . We still talk about slavery and other evils , if you were in this part of the world you would be shocked how crimes committed thirty years ago people are being imprisoned because they still affect peoples lives.
    Zambia should not be a joke where evil acts are committed people just forget this has dragged our nation behind development.
    Kaunda and his friends fought for freedom and many died in that struggle no one gave him an award , because they knew he was intilligent to think deeper than just at face value but in HH these clubs have seen weaknesses to use for their own gain ,really Iam not a politician I just speak my mind over any politician.
    HH is a danger to the zambian nation clubs which destabilize nations do find him appealing to be used because he is dull ,and cannot see what he is inviting in this nation.

    November 4, 2017 at 10:03 am

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