How Not To Let the Internet Ruin Your Relationship

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For this article, we chose an unusual form: a question- an answer. This choice has logic: it will be easier for you, our favorite readers, to perceive information. Among the questions that we publish, you will meet those you wanted to ask yourself. And if earlier you could ask advice from the void and get the appropriate answer, today we give you an opportunity to find out how to correctly interact with the Internet when it comes to the relationship between a man and a woman.

Question number 1

My friend created false accounts on Twitter and Facebook and used them to test my loyalty. Am I right to be indignant?

Answer: Oh. This is strange. I apologize on behalf of all women. If this happened only once, maybe she took advantage of someone’s bad advice or she is just stupid. Saying honestly, now you can not really trust her. If she does not admit a mistake and begins to secretly watch you through the satellite – immediately part. Let the girl look for her happiness somewhere in the intelligence office.

Question number 2

Her status in &Facebook& was changed to &in a Relationship& after only four dates. Is this normal?

Answer: God, what energy does she have? But think: maybe you blurted out something, but she misinterpreted your feelings? If you’re afraid that your friend is already choosing curtains in your family nest, try to let her know that she hurried. Ask insinuatingly: &I see that Facebook writes that we have a relationship?& When she answers: &Well, yes, it is. Is this not so?? &- say to her something like:& Well, according to Facebook, yes. & If she does not feel uncomfortable and does not understand your sarcasm, think about whether to continue the relationship, buddy.

Question number 3

My colleague lost her phone, I gave her mine. And only then I remembered that there was a bunch of my nude photos that I once sent to my friend. What should I do?

Answer: If your phone has a sim card, there is hope. iPhone users can use the &Find iPhone& feature. Log into your account at, select your phone in the device list and click &Delete iPhone&. Android users can do the same only if they have previously installed Kaspersky Mobile Security (or another similar program). And if it’s too late, just apologize that she had to look at all this. In the end, let her appreciate your action – not everyone who knows her is ready to share a phone.

Question number 4

The girlfriend will now burst with anger – a friend noted me on Facebook on a &compromising& photo. Tell me urgently how can I calm her down?

Answer: We advise you to read the guy who posted the picture. Say it so that she will hear your conversation: &Because of the photo, I have problems with my beloved, precious, my lovely little bird. How could you do this…” And to avoid such a situation in the future, change your settings on Facebook. Click on &Settings&, then &Chronicle and tags& – and turn on the option &Send tags made by friends before reviewing them in your Chronicle?&. A friend can still note on the photo who touched that blonde’s breast; But at least  this post will not appear on your page. In addition, you can have time to remove the tag with you, before your girlfriend can see it: quickly click on the pictures &Report / Delete tag.& Well and is a fresh idea for you: try to agree with guys to not PHOTOGRAPHY on bachelor parties  at all.

Question number 5

Help me, please! My girlfriend read my mail, found my correspondence with a friend, and considered her a rival. We quarrel, I do not sleep at night …

Answer: Of course, you remember that for a woman treason does not necessarily mean sex. For the catastrophe, the emotional contact is quite convenient. And the excuse that you are &just friends& is not an argument at all. Get yourself a rule every day at a certain time to remove undesirable letters from your mail.

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