Haters have gone after my daughter – St Maiko

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St Maiko with his daughter Mwiza

Seasoned Musician and Activist  Maiko Zulu popularly known as St. Maiko has come out strong at some people he says are trying to take their hate for him to his upcoming daughter Artist.

In a strong worded statement which he posted on his facebook page, Zulu says those exhibiting hate for him must just chill because he is not interested in any leadership be it politics or religion.

It has come to my attention that certain cliques of people have clearly been unsettled by the emergence of my daughter Mwiza on the music scene to a point where others have even been insinuating that I now use my daughter to speak. Other colleagues from media circles whom I will not name here have literally transferred their animosity of me and what I stand for to an innocent young female. We saw this when I requested a few of them to help her promote her What A Shame singe. But we knew that others would assist, and they did.
During the last ZAM AGM which I was not even a party to, my daughter was elected to sit on the Tivo Shikapwashya led executive purely on merit, a situation that has further discomforted certain people.
Well let me put it this way for you:
Mwiza is an extremely intelligent, focused, hard working and disciplined young student/musician/activist who is earning her place in the music industry due to her persistence and passion for the arts.
Being a product of two musicians was not her choice but God’s plan and its something that will never be altered. Her DNA is what it is and cannot be changed. That however has not taken away from the effort that she has applied in her budding music career. It is unfortunate that people that often speak of young people becoming responsible and taking up leadership roles are the very ones that become unsettled when young people aspire. For your information, I am not interested in any leadership position be it in the arts, politics or even religion.
So for God’s sakes, do not judge my children using my sins because I raised them not to hate on anyone in spite of their thoughts for their parents.
Relax bane…


5 Responses to Haters have gone after my daughter – St Maiko

  1. St Maiko worry not yourself over haters stand by your upcoming daughters’ big dreams for hers is to excel in her contribution to the arts and be of encouragement to upcoming young ladies to stand up for their passion!

    May 18, 2018 at 3:12 am

  2. Shame them St Maiko. Don’t give up on Mwiza, she is an ambitious nd hardworking young lady. I watched her on TV and liked her. Praying she gets sponsorship and more Suport to a hive her dreams. Haters wil always be there for people climbing their success ladder and Mwiza should know that she is nit like them, she is different and the their hate must make her stand out of the crowd. She should even work harder knowingbthatbthere are people out there who cannot do what she is doing. She will eventually come accross people like her nd they would support her. Protect yourself Mwiza, Zambia is full of wicked haters. I wish you the very best in your aspirations, and should God Bless me. I will definitely sponsor you. I like hard working girls. Keep it up. And wow to haters.

    UN DIplomat(R)
    May 18, 2018 at 5:07 pm

  3. Maiko, the world does not owe you a living. I have noticed over the years that you think you are owed something from society. Why should people go against your daughter? Stop weaning! Continue playing your music and people will continue buying provided it is good. Musicians always complain do not sell much. People do not always want to hear about problems. They have enough of those at home. When they want to listen to music, they want music that builds or lifts their morale. So look at that baba. We wish your daughter well. Tell her to sing uplifting songs. And haven’t you outlived the dreadlocks?

    May 18, 2018 at 7:01 pm

  4. maiko, get real my bro.you are always complaining about this or that. kindly consider quitting grass its not good for fiftygers but teenagers.

    May 19, 2018 at 7:32 am

  5. Is this a publicity stunt or what?
    Most people did not even know you have a daughter and one who plays music.
    Do not distract her from her studies and let her choose her own career later on in life.
    For now just teach her and empower in various sectors including music,swimming etc
    By the way last time i saw you behind Plaza 3 where they used to play live music you were not this yellow.

    September 21, 2018 at 5:31 am

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